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Programme Profile

Most of us would probably agree that business enterprises face increasing levels of complexity and uncertainty. We believe it has become more important than ever, to prepare future practicing managers to cope with complexity and change in the global business context. This is why our Master programme in International Management combines a focus on Context, Complexity and Change with an emphasis on systemic and holistic approaches to problem solving and decision making.

The Master in International Management is a three semester full-time accredited programme taught exclusively in English. The cohort is relatively small, which means small classes and a high degree of contact to your professors. The programme aims to achieve a balance between theory and practice. Thus, delivery of the programme emphasises blended and action learning techniques as well as the use of lectures and seminars.

Successful completion of the programme means you will be capable of:

• taking a global perspective as a manager

• negotiation and decision making within a leadership role in international organisations at home and abroad

• considering the relationships between economic, technical, social and cultural issues as they affect the organisation

• acting as a bridge between cultures across the organisation‘s range of activities and relationships

Employability / Job Prospects

Graduates of the Master programme in International Management are predestined for management and operational positions with a strong international emphasis. Typical fields of employment for graduates of the programme are:
+ In general, environments where intercultural communications play a key role and where specialist and language skills can be applied.
+ Functions in the corporate centre e.g. Strategy Development.
+ International Marketing, Sales and Purchasing/Procurement
+ Product development and Innovation with international business partners
+ Creation and Management of global supply chains and networks
+ Positions in the public sector e.g. Government Ministries, Civil Service, Supranational Organisations, NGOs
+ Interest groups and lobby organisations are reliant on internationally trained graduates
+ Consulting
+ Business & Management journalism
+ Stakeholder Relations, Investor Relations
+ The Master degree allows access to higher civil service in public administration in accordance with the common resolution of the German Conference of Ministers of the Interior and the Conference of Ministers for Education and Cultural Affairs.
+ Successful completion of the Master programme fulfils the main pre-requisite for entry to a doctoral programme (PhD-Thesis).

Aktualisiert: 24.01.2019