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Programme Structure

Programme Structure, teaching and learning

The Master programme starts in the summer semester (1st March to 31st August) and comprises 3 semesters. The first semester is based in Dresden and the second and third semesters are based abroad.

The Master programme in International Management is modularised. All modules are delivered in English. Each module includes two 90 minute lectures per week and additional self-study which is determined by the lecturer and the student in terms of content and duration.

Each module is equivalent to 5 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits. One credit is equivalent to a workload of 30 hours (lectures + self-study). 30 ECTS credits must be achieved each semester. Thus the total workload for one semester including the vacation and examination period is 900 hours.


Semester 1 - Study in Dresden

During studies at the HTW Dresden, four compulsory modules have to be completed.

Two electives are chosen from 8 available. Three additional electives are also available in German for students who speak German. Which electives are taught is decided by the Faculty Dean and depends on student preferences and the teaching resources available.

For details of the modules please refer to the module descriptions available in the module database (Modulux).

International Management

W75 ‐ Master-Studiengang International Management (2019)
Wird immatrikuliert ab 2019 im Sommersemester mit einer Regelstudienzeit von 3 Semestern
Akkreditiert bis 28.02.2026 durch HTW Dresden
ab 2019
3 Semester
Kann in Voll- oder Teilzeit absolviert werden.

Semester 2 - Study at a partner university abroad

The second semester takes place at one of our partner universities. We have an established procedure for the allocation of partner universities which takes into consideration the student's interests as far as possible. Details of the procedure can be found at our international office.

The student studies 30 ECTS credits at the partner university abroad. The study programme is documented in a learning agreement after discussions between the student and the academic supervisors at the HTW Dresden and the partner university. This procedure is normally anchored in a bilateral co-operation agreement between the respective institutions. A list of partner universities can be found at our international office [link].

In the second semester students also have to prepare for the Master thesis. To this effect, students take a 3 ECTS credit module in 'Academic Research Skills'. This is an on-line study module which provides a flexible approach to study which is independent of time and location.


Semester 3 - Master thesis abroad

In the third semester, the students write their Master thesis (27 ECTS credits). For further details see our guide to writing a thesis [link]. Finally, the Master thesis is orally defended (viva voce examination).

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