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Subject areas

During the lecture

In Civil Engineering studies, lectures, seminars and exercises as well as practically orientated laboratory training impart solid specialist knowledge and skills that are ready for application. In addition to the professors at the Faculty, who work in different subject areas, there are also lecturing staff from other Faculties, e.g. from the subjects of Engineering Mathematics, Building Physics or Surveying.

Information about the exact course of studies and the individual study components to be completed can be taken from the study and examination regulations. Regulations concerning the practical study semester can be found in the internship regulations. The module descriptions contain detailed information about the content and structure of each event and its ECTS rating.

In addition to the points of contact in the Faculty, help with all other aspects of the course is provided by the Department of Student Affairs and the Examination Office.

Prof. Christian Barth Calculation methods of Structural Mechanics
Prof. Thomas Bösche Concrete Construction
Prof. Jens Engel Geotechnical Engineering
Prof. Ulrike Feistel Engineering Hydrology
Prof. Holger Flederer Construction Engineering/Bridge Construction
Prof. Thomas Grischek Water Engineering
Prof. Olaf Kempe Building and Timber Construction
Prof. Jörn Krimmling Technical Building Equipment
Prof. Undine Kunze Informatics for CE
Prof. Thomas Matschei Concrete Technology/Maintenance of Concrete Structures
Prof. Thomas Naumann Building Construction
Prof. Stephan Pfefferkorn Construction Materials
Prof. Volker Rauschenbach Road Construction
Prof. Joachim Schneider Road and Traffic Engineering
Prof. Mirko Slavik Structural Mechanics
Prof. Karsten Urban Construction and Project Management
Prof. Ulrike Weisemann Railway Construction
Prof. Christian Wolf Steel Construction
Last changed: 16.01.2018  |  Author: C Vanselow