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Postgraduate Master's Programme in Civil Engineering

The full-time or part-time postgraduate master's programme provides a second career-qualifying certificate that is recognised both nationally and internationally. Among other things, this may be applied around the world or used to qualify for admission to a doctorate programme. The range of training modules offered in English also helps graduates acquire increased foreign-language proficiency in their technical area.

Master of Science (M.Sc.) graduate certificates may be acquired via the programme streams "Design engineering & Computing" and "Traffic & Civil engineering".

Programme requirements

First professionally qualified graduation certificate

  • in civil engineering at a German or international university
  • with a regular study period of at least four years (equivalent to Dipl.-Ing. (FH))
  • with a minimum overall score of 'GOOD' (in case of any score less than this, at least two years of practical experience are required after initial qualification. In case of a valid exception, candidates with an overall score of 'satisfactory' may also be admitted.)

International applicants must also provide proof of sufficient German skills.

Programme duration and scope

The postgraduate M.Sc. programme is very demanding in terms of its scope and content. The total time involved amounts to approx. 1800 hours and includes obligatory attendance phases, exam periods, project and laboratory work amounting to around 1000 hours, and a substantial research project equivalent to around 800 hours.

The full-time programme normally requires one year from October to September of the following calendar year. There is an obligatory attendance period for lectures including four afternoons per week across 16 weeks in the 1st semester and two afternoons per week across 16 weeks in the 2nd semester.

The part-time programme normally amounts to two years; the obligatory attendance phase for lectures includes two afternoons per week across 16 weeks in the 1st and 3rd semesters of the programme and one afternoon per week across 16 weeks in the 2nd and 4th semesters.

Last changed: 16.06.2017  |  Author: C. Vanselow