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Current Research Topics

Permanent load testing

Permanent load testing of support systems in traffic route construction

A number of research projects are developed via practical training and the unity of lecture and research is promoted at the Faculty of Civil Engineering/Architecture, frequently together with ZAFT e.V. or partners outside of the university. These projects may be assigned to the profile 'construction/landscape/environment', and in particular, they focus on

  • Geotechnics and hydraulic engineering
  • Construction materials and traffic construction (railway construction, street construction)
  • Design engineering and structure maintenance
  • Architectural concepts and strategies

For several years, the faculty has successfully led the acquisition of third-party financing.

Selection of projects currently being researched

(extensive information is provided via the faculty's research report.)

  • Evaluation of the hydromechanical properties of various geotextiles via comparative examinations
  • Development of a process for dimensioning cyclically loaded supporting foundation elements for decentralised renewable energy facilities
  • Interdisciplinary education project 'earth work and recultivation'
  • Development of mobile modules for automated subterranean deferrisation and well conservation in ground water and river bank filtrate systems
  • Improvement and ground infiltration by vegetation
  • Application of earth recycling material as supporting layer in railway route foundation construction
  • Examinations of static and dynamic rigidity and operating stability of superstructure components
  • Alkali silicic acid reactions in concrete; carbonisation responses of lime mortar
  • V3CIM - virtual three-dimensional campus infrastructure model
  • Model and demonstration plan for permanent reduction of radon exposure in buildings in Saxony
  • Conversion of cities and communities; subsequent use of fallow land
  • Simulated integration of geotextiles and operative stresses
  • Monument care: history and theory
Last changed: 18.09.2017  |  Author: H. Flederer