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Faculty of Civil Engineering/Architecture

The desire to build and design the environment that surrounds them has always been a strong human need. Besides for protective shelter, structures built by man have also constantly been built for religious and representative purposes.

Building gained a new dimension with industrial development. Traffic routes like streets and railways with bridges and tunnels were accompanied by more and more buildings featuring specific purposes like halls, schools, train stations, industrial plants, and towers.

Roof structure main station Dresden

The design of cities and individual structures has always been characterised by the social needs and architectural influences of their respective epoch.

The needs of our time and new technical possibilities influence how we currently design and build structures. Building materials with completely new properties, highly developed calculation and visualisation methods, and innovative building technologies enable modern architectural solutions and generously designed buildings.

All of this places serious requirements on the training of future architects and civil engineers. Besides basic knowledge, more and more specialised skills must be taught with regard to planning and designing.

Construction involves numerous areas of day-to-day life. Future competition can only be ensured by considering the requirements of aesthetics and suitability for use, ecology, energy, and cost-efficiency.

Last changed: 07.07.2019  |  Author: C. Vanselow