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Laboratory at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

In one of the labs at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

A total of 25 modern labs are now available for training and research at the Faculty. These are used  for both fundamental education purposes and for special fields such as CAD and simulation, automation and robotics, measuring technology, high-voltage technology, electronics technology, power electronics, EMC, electrical machines and drive motors, electrical traffic systems and energy engineering, radio and antenna technology, sound, image and data communication. 

The HTW Dresden commissions new satellite tracking system

Mr. Matthias Engicht (Dipl.-Ing. (FH)) has developed a GPS-based tracking system for satellites for receiving telemetry signals as part of his Diploma thesis at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The work was successfully defended on 27.11.2014 with a very good result. Further information can be found in the attached presentation and the Diploma poster.

More detailed information:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Collmann,


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Thomas Bartzsch,


New testing rig in the Automation Technology laboratory

The laboratory for Automation Technology at the HTW Faculty of Electrical Engineering received a new "Industrial Flow Control" testing rig on July 17 2014, which was officially commissioned in the presence of the Rector, Prof. Stenzel, and the Chancellor, Ms. Niehues.


The variable experimental setup is to be used jointly by the Faculties of Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering / Process Engineering . As part of project and Diploma thesis work within the study programme of Automation Technology, students of the seventh and eighth semester planned and built the equipment, before subjecting it to numerous test runs in the run-up to commissioning.

The testing rig is used exclusively in the practical experiments conducted as part of the Automation Technology study programme and in the subject area of Technical Building Equipment. While operating under industrial conditions, students will get to know the characteristics of hydraulic systems and their effects on pressure and flow control, which represent important applications of Automation Technology in Process Engineering, Biotechnology, Water Management, Energy and Building Technology.


Due to the rapid pace of technical development, Automation Technology is becoming increasingly important in all areas of daily life and in industry. In light of the increasing overlap of traditional disciplines with control engineering, new engineering techniques are being developed which offer an inexhaustible range of activity fields. Without reliable automatic controls and regulations, the independent and safe operation of devices, vehicles, production facilities and machining centres is unthinkable.

Last changed: 24.01.2019  |  Author: A. Ackermann