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Z Building

Since its establishment in 1992, the Faculty of Computer Science / Mathematics has developed as a modern training and research facility. It offers the computer science courses of "Computer Science", "Business Informatics" and "Media Informatics", for which there are a very high numbers of applicants. Starting with the 2008/09 academic year, a two-stage training system was introduced in the faculty. Three corresponding six-semester Bachelor's study programme and one four-semester consecutive Master's study programme "Applied Information Technologies" with three lines of study are on offer. At the same time, the three traditional eight-semester Diploma courses remain in place.

In addition to providing training to its own students, the Faculty’s Service Department takes care of the computer science and mathematics education and training for all other faculties of the university.

In July 2013 the Faculty of Computer Science / Mathematics at the HTW Dresden and the Student IT Centre Dresden (SRZ) at the Faculty of Computer Science at the
TUD agreed to active collaboration.
From autumn 2013 onwards, courses and projects have also been on offer from the professors and
employees of HTW Dresden. The University thus promotes the early engagement of interested and particularly talented pupils at the Dresden Computer Science Faculties.

Parallel to teaching, the Faculty’s research area has also developed strongly in recent years. A large number of publicly or privately funded projects are being successfully handled by research staff working under the guidance of members of the Faculty in various areas of practical and applied informatics. An expression of the growing potential for research is the cooperative doctoral programme for graduates, which is carried out in collaboration with universities.

The Faculty is closely linked to industry, business and administration in Saxony. This ensures that efficient partners are on hand for the realisation of practice-oriented study sections and for the implementation of collaborative projects characterised by applied research. At the same time, valuable contacts in practice are made available to students, allowing for career opportunities to be harnessed.

Within this international framework, the Faculty is in contact with many universities in European and non-European countries thanks to long-term cooperation agreements. This forms the basis for the exchange of students, teachers and researchers.

Last changed: 16.01.2018