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Master in Applied Information Technologies

Please note: starting from winter semester 2018 there will be no matriculations for that study programm anymore.  The consecutive study programm is the Master in Applied Computer Science.

Academic degree: Master of Science

Start of studies: Winter semester, summer semester

Standard study period: Four semesters

Requirement: Professional qualifying university degree in Computer Science, Business Informatics, Media Informatics or a related degree programme with a strong focus on computer science (Bachelor or Diploma)


The Master’s study programme in Applied Information Technologies is offered in the fields of study

  • Intelligent Information and Communication Technologies,
  • Process Oriented Business Informatics and
  • Computer Graphics and Media Technologies

starting from the winter semester 2011/12. It builds on the HTW Dresden's Bachelor's degree programmes in Computer Science, Business Informatics and Media Informatics and provides both in-depth, subject-specific knowledge and interdisciplinary qualifications for academic work involving electronic media, which are considered soft skills in the process of lifelong learning. In particular, skills and abilities for the independent research and development of software solutions to practical problems are imparted. Students are qualified for self-reliant and executive work, and are also prepared for a possible doctorate.

The field of study “Intelligent Information and Communication Technologies” is recommended for graduates of the Bachelor’s study programme in Informatics, just as the field of study “Process Oriented Business Informatics” is recommended for graduates of the Bachelor study programme Business Informatics; the field of study “Computer Graphics and Media Technologies” is also recommended for graduates of Media Informatics.

After successfully defending the Master's thesis, the academic degree

Master of Science, M.Sc.

will be awarded.

In future, information technologies will increasingly require highly qualified experts, who will be able to use their skills in a productive way for the various fields of application, while also contributing to the development of new areas. Graduates from the Master's study programme have excellent job prospects due to their sound mathematical, theoretical and technical knowledge, as well as their extensive knowledge of computer science, business informatics and media informatics.

Last changed: 24.01.2019