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Professional Advisory Board

The Professional Advisory Board supports the faculty in strategic issues and policy development.
It advises the respective study committees in the content development and improvement of courses and is involved in devising the study program concepts.

Student Council (FSR)

The Student Council, short FSR, (§§24-27 SächsHSFG) is an institution of the student body. The student body is involved in the self-administration of the university according to the law and the university regulations.

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council (§88 SächsHSFG) is responsible for all matters of the Faculty of fundamental importance. He may appoint commissions and commissioners to prepare his decisions. The discussions of the Faculty Council usually take place in public.

Board of Examiners

The Board of Examiners is appointed by the Faculty Council. Responsible for complying with the regulations of studies and examinations, the appointment of examiners, the approval of external examiners and the decision on contradictions.

Study Commission

The Study Commission (§91 SächsHSFG) is appointed by the Faculty Council in consultation with the competent Student Council. It advises the dean in the organization of the teaching and study enterprise. It is to be heard before the creation and modification of the study and the examination regulations.

Last changed: 24.01.2019  |  Author: G. Naumann