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Project CASO

Capabilities-bAsed and Self-Organizing Manufacturing Management

The project "Capabilities-bAsed and Self-Organizing Manufacturing Management" (CASO) aims to create a software framework that supports the production planning and control of such a Smart Factory by means of combined centralized and decentralized planning. In addition it enables the secure connection of production capacities of contract manufacturers. The project investigates the combination of self-organization and central production planning in a smart factory. A possibility of describing machines by using semantic models, which base on a dynamic generation of plant recipes as well as the digital protection of recipe data to prevent product counterfeiting and to protect intellectual property in the case of external production. It is carried out in cooperation with the following partners: adidas AG, TecWare Gesellschaft für Softwareentwicklung mbH, DUALIS GmbH IT Solution, Tobias Prometall GmbH & Co KG and Carl Zeiss Innovationszentrum für Messtechnik GmbH.

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Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Dirk Reichelt

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Dirk Reichelt

Project managers

Name Mail Phone Room Project
Brandt, Eric (M.Sc.) +49 (0)351 462 3872 Z 902 CASO
Brandt, Felix (M.Sc.) +49 (0)351 462 3873 Z 902 CASO
Krockert, Martin (M.Sc.) +49 (0)351 462 3795 Z 829  
Matthes, Marvin (B.Eng.) +49 (0)351 462 3796 Z 829  
Pampuch, Robert (B.Sc.)   Z 902 CASO

Project duration

July 2019 to June 2022



adidas AG, Carl Zeiss GmbH, TecWare GmbH, Tobias Prometall GmbH & Co. KG, DUALIS GmbH IT Solution