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Project DigiLotse

Digitization guide for Saxon SMEs


The promotion of cooperation with regional small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is an evident task for us as a practice-oriented university. In order to strengthen the region, we are preparing you for the future, to face the growing challenges of competition in the course of digitalization.
Internal increases in efficiency, the linking of the value chain with suppliers and customers and the development of new business models are the main opportunities offered by digitisation. The companies in Saxony are aware that the theme is topical and relevant. However, there is a lack of ideas about possible applications in the concrete application context.


In the project "Digitalization guid for Saxon small and medium-sized enterprises" the digitization process is to be actively motivated and driven forward, in wich concrete proposals and recommandations for action for Saxon SMEs are developed from a stocktaking in the company. The project focuses on the specifics of Saxon SMEs. Many small and micro companies have to head off to the path of digital transformation in order to remain competitive. This is a crucial feature in determining digital maturity and its further development. In our estimation, there is currently no suitable model in science and practice that meets the requirements for the classification and evaluation of digitisation maturity in SMEs in general and the requirements of Saxon SMEs in particular. The research project aims to create an analysis and planning method that motivates and supports the digital transformation of especially industrial but also craft SMEs in Saxony in a stustainable way.



B.Eng. Pia Bielitz

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

B.Eng. Pia Bielitz

B.Sc. Robert Pampuch


Project duration

July 2018 to December 2020


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