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Saxony5 Co-Creation Lab "Factory of the Future"


With the help of Industrial Internet of Things-Scenarios an effective and efficient production of individual customer requirements is possible. This is an essential component for future-oriented companies and research object of the 5 Saxon universities of applied sciences and the Fraunhofer-IPMS. The Co-Creation Lab (CCL) bundles the potentials in the Saxony5 transfer network. The focus here is on creating an interdisciplinary research environment. The core element is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Test Bed of the HTW Dresden, which, with additional laboratory facilities, will become a virtual factory spread all over Saxony. These are, for example, elements of collaborative robotics at the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK) and Mittweida University of Applied Sciences (HSMW), a smart factory at the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences Zwickau (WHZ) and laboratory technology for research into occupational health and safety at the University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz (HSZG). This research infrastructure is networked and connected via the CCL within the Saxony5 locations. In addition to the exchange of expertise, research in the fields of technology transfer and project initiation and processing is to be carried out through cooperation with industrial partners. The bundling of competencies creates a transfer network that bundles the essential core elements for the digital change in manufacturing and offers a central contact point for companies on the topic of the factory of the future. 


The aim is to create an interdisciplinary research environment with a focus on Industrial IoT topics: Smart Factory, Smart Operations, Smart Products, Data-driven Services, Smart Worker and Digital Leadership. New transfer and information concepts are being developed in the project for this purpose. One example of this are co-creation workshops, where companies can find out about new and innovative solutions or give impulses for new projects and innovations. The CCL also focuses on the practical demonstration and testing of solutions.

The project network of the CCL benefits from the merger of universities and practice partners. Through this, a variety of solutions can be demonstrated, exchanged and tested. In this way, necessary process innovations are created, which are of great importance for future-oriented companies and the digital change in manufacturing. The Co-Creation Lab combines expertise from the fields of automation technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial science and computer science. This results in intelligent systems for the age of the digital industry. In cooperation with partners from practice, concepts and demonstrators for the digitalisation of production and development of new products and services will be developed and tested over the next 3 years. The exchange of knowledge and experience will result in an expansion of competences, which will lead to high-quality solution concepts.

Project Saxony5

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Project Duration

January 2018 to December 2022


University of Applied Sciences Leipzig (HTWK)
University of Applied Sciences Mittweida (HSMW)
University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz (HSZG)
West Saxon University of Applied Sciences Zwickau (WHZ)


Industry Partners

Silicon Saxony e.V.
IHK Dresden
SQL Projekt AG
Systema Systementwicklung GmbH
Global Foundries Dresden Module Two Ltd. & Co. KG
Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH
Robotron Datenbank Software GmbH
TU Chemnitz, Mittelstand 4.0 Zentrum
T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH