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About us

The International Office coordinates international cooperation partnerships at Dresden University of Applied Sciences. It is also responsible for student and teacher exchanges, informs and advises students about study placements abroad, and also advises foreign students and graduates who complete one to two semesters studies at the university. In addition to this, it coordinates the Erasmus, Leonardo, and Tempus programmes, raises funds for international student and staff exchange programmes, and coordinates cooperation between various scholarship and grant organisations.

Head of International Office:

Mrs Juliane Terpe

Friedrich-List-Platz 1

Room: Z 233A

Telefon: (+49 351) 462 3377

Adviser for all students; general financial management

Mrs Cornelia Jentzsch

Friedrich-List-Platz 1

Room: Z 233B

Telefon: (+49 351) 462 3601

Adviser for all students of the Faculty of Business Administration

Mrs Ines Hammermüller-Sweeney

Friedrich-List-Platz 1

Room: Z 232

Telefon: (+49 351) 462 3458

Adviser for all students, Assistant for Erasmus+

Ms Lisa Wunderlich

Friedrich-List-Platz 1

Room: Z 232

Telefon: (+49 351) 462 2590

Adviser for Internationalisation and International Study Programmes

Mrs Dr. Antonella Ruggieri

Friedrich-List-Platz 1

Room: Z 231

Telefon: (+49 351) 462 3528

International degree seeking students

Mrs Britta Weber

Friedrich-List-Platz 1

Room: Z 228A

Telefon: (+49 351) 462 2015


Additional Contacts

Faculty Coordinator
Link to faculty coordinators
Refugee Student Counseling/Student Recruitment
Link to Information for Refugees
Last changed: 25.03.2019  |  Author: International Office HTW Dresden