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Acquiring a university degree

Study Opportunities

In the HTW Dresden's eight  faculties you will find a wide range of practice-oriented degrees in engineering, technology, economics, design and "green" disciplines.

If you wish to acquire a degree at the HTW Dresden you can choose undergraduate course (Bachelor, Diplom) or postgraduate course (Master):

Most of our study programmes are taught in German, but the number of international study programmes is steadily increasing.

International Programmes

Bachelor's Degree Programmes

Master's Degree Programmes

  • Environmental Engineering (M.Eng.): in English.
    (Please note that knowledge of German is still indispensable for the acquisition of intercultural competence and for everyday life in Germany. The Language Center of the HTW Dresden offers German courses free of charge.)

International Specialisations

Double Degree Programmes

Double Degree Programmes offer a great opportunity to obtain two degrees at the same time: one degree at the HTW Dresden and a second internationally recognised degree at the partner university. An integral part is a one-year-stay at the partner university.

If you decide to join a double degree programme you will benefit some added values:

  • acquiring two international recognised academic degrees from two universities within a pre-structured programme
  • expanding the horizon through an integrated study programme
  • developing language knowledge and international skills
  • experiencing two different university systems and cultures
  • improving chances on the international job market
  • no tuition fees at the partner university
  • student mobility grants

Your double degree opportunities at the HTW Dresden:

Database (please enable the filtering option Alle Partnerschaften -> Doppelabschluss)

Last changed: 17.06.2019  |  Author: International Office HTW Dresden