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Going abroad

Internationaler Tag

Studying or doing an internship abroad makes sense in many ways. In addition to broadening and deepening professional and linguistic knowledge, the stay abroad is an important personal experience. 

Use the cooperation agreements of the HTW Dresden (Erasmus+, university agreements, double degree agreements) for your stay abroad. This offers many advantages, such as exemption from tuition fees, simplified application and registration procedures and, in some cases, scholarships.

The International Office provides information and advice on all aspects of studying abroad, including financing and funding opportunities. The faculties prepare students for their stay abroad.

Broshure "Wege zum Auslandsstudium" (Ways to study abroad)

Picture: Cover of broschure "Wege zum Auslandsstudium" (Ways to study abroad)

The International Office of the HTW Dresden has published a new brochure entitled "Ways to Study Abroad". It should help students to inform and prepare themselves. Students can also consult the Information Library Z 231. Here you will find reports on experience, information on partner universities and scholarship opportunities.

Study worldwide - Live it!

On the initiative's homepage there are many inspirations and useful information about studying abroad. Students of the HTW Dresden also have the opportunity to share their experiences here and become a correspondent.



Last changed: 16.01.2018  |  Author: International Office HTW Dresden