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Final Thesis

In accordance with the faculty and the professor mentoring the diploma / bachelor / master thesis at HTW Dresden, it is possible to write the thesis at a foreign university or foreign company.

We recommend to write the final thesis at a partner university of HTW Dresden (university cooperation and/or ERASMUS+  cooperation and/or double degree cooperation) since another supervisor at the foreign university/company apart from your supervising professor from HTW Dresden is required.

In most cases, the defense of the final thesis takes place at HTW Dresden.  If the final thesis is written at a partner university, it can also be defended abroad under participation of HTW Dresden. Upon prior consultation with the supervising professor, the final thesis can also be written in a foreign language.

Further information and funding opportunities for studies abroad can be found in the scholarship database of the DAAD (German) and on the homepage of the International Office.

Last changed: 18.04.2019  |  Author: International Office HTW Dresden