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Under the link http://www.auslandsbafoeg.de/ you will find detailed information about International Bafög. The application is submitted to the responsible BAföG office (depending on the target region).

>> You should apply for International BAföG at least six months before a planned stay abroad, as the processing of the application is complex and takes a little longer than other processes. >> International BAföG must be applied for separately, even if you already receive BAföG in Germany; Agencies responsible depending on the target region: various BAföG offices , >> Even if you do not receive national BAföG during your studies at the HTW, you should nevertheless inform yourself about the International BAföG, as the monthly foreign subsidy, the tuition fee (up to 4,600 EUR), subsidy, the travel expense subsidy, or the foreign health insurance subsidy often amounts to several thousand euros.

The International Office is in principle not authorized to complete or confirm BAföG forms. Nevertheless, we would like to give you a little help at this point: Form 2 Form 2 will not be confirmed by the HTW. According to an agreement with the BAföG offices, this form is simply accompanied by the 4th enrolment certificate (bottom right). This certificate contains the additional note "(also as a template at the Office for Training Support according to § 9 BAföG)". If you still experience problems, please contact the Student Secretariat. Formblatt 5 (Confirmation of services provided so far)  

  • This form is confirmed by Prüfungsamt.
  • Should it not be possible to personally deliver the form to the Examination Office, a short telephone consultation is requested.
  • The Examination Office staff will accept this form at the end of June at the earliest.
  • When the requirements are fulfilled & and an addressed& and stamped envelope is included, the Examination Office staff will send the completed and confirmed form directly to the responsible BAföG Office (usually between July-August).

Formblatt 6 (Compulsory internship confirmation)

  • This form will be approved by the responsible Faculty Internship Liaison. 
  • The confirmation is only for compulsory internships, not for additional or voluntary internships.
Last changed: 26.03.2019  |  Author: International Office of the HTW Dresden - University of Applied Sciences