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Industry-oriented internships in Japan for EU & COSME * students

Industry-oriented internships in Japan

What is that?

The programme consists of industry-oriented internships for EU / COSME * students in Japan.
It starts in September and ends in August of the following year. 

The students complete:

  • a one-week seminar on Japan,
  • a four-month Japanese language intensive course.
  • an eight-month internship in a Japanese company


  • Gain insight into the full range of advanced technologies used by a leading Japanese company;
  • learn the Japanese language and culture while enriching
  • your capabilities, in terms of a future career, to interact with Japan on personal and professional terms. 

Who can do it?

You must:

  • be a citizen of an EU member state or a COSME * partner country.
  • be a student at an EU / COSME * partner university enrolled at the time of application between the 4th official academic year and the second to last year of the doctorate **
  • submit a certificate of enrolment that is valid until at least 3 months before the beginning of your studies.

(*) You are not an EU citizen? If your home country joined COSME and the contract came into force, then you can apply. (The status of your home country and your university you can check here.)

(**) Informatics, Engineering, Machine Construction, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Electronics, Biotechnology, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Telecommunications, Nuclear Engineering, Civil Engineering, Metal Materials, Ceramics, Production Systems ...

Last changed: 16.07.2019