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For students who are interested in a stay abroad, an internship semester abroad is also recommended. In addition to the internship semester, students also have the opportunity to use the semester break for an additional internship.

You have to find the internship in a foreign company yourself. Inform yourself at the International Office or in your faculty if there are opportunities to do the internship semester abroad at a partner university of the HTW Dresden. Further support is available at the Career Service,

The Leonardo Office also offers a comprehensive database. For more information, see www.leo.tu-dresden.de. 

If you are looking for an internship during the lecture-free period, you may find suitable programmes in IAESTE and AIESEC. The offer for summer internships is usually bigger.

Before you apply for an internship abroad, you should clarify for yourself where you want to go and with which goals. Is a particular business or national language important to you? Do you want to deepen a certain focus of your studies, etc? You can apply to a company of your choice worldwide or you can select a host university of your choice and use it to clarify the admission procedures or you can look for a suitable internship partner within the pool of partnerships of the HTW Dresden.

The Leonardo Office supports your search for a suitable Internship and maintains a collection of Links with internship reports for your use.

You can also look into our database which holds experience reports

Here you can find the Documents for an Internship

("Lehre/Studium" -> "Muster Praktikumsordnung engl. Übersetzung"  -> Page 5)

If the internship semester abroad complies with the conditions of the internship regulations of the HTW Dresden, there are generally no problems with the academic recognition. You should definitely contact the internship liaison of your faculty and inquire about the required formalities (e.g., internship contract, report, confirmation of the employer) before the start of your internship. At the International Office you can obtain samples for internship contracts in English and French.

Inform yourself in good time whether you are adequately insured (e.g., health insurance, liability insurance, accident insurance). If necessary, additional insurance should be obtained.

Please note that internships outside the European Union usually have special visa requirements. Further information can be obtained from the International Office, embassies or consulates or at the Homepage of the German Foreign Ministry,

Last changed: 18.04.2019  |  Author: International Office of the HTW Dresden - University of Applied Sciences