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Recognition of academic achievements

Create the Learning Agreement

After you have successfully applied for a semester abroad, the creation of the Learning Agreement is indispensable for the subsequent recognition of your study achievements from abroad.
Together with the Programme Coordinator (contact partner of the partner university) in your faculty, you determine the module units that you would like to take abroad and which module units of the HTW Dresden you will replace, and record this In the Learning Agreement.

  • Avoid significant differences between the selected and actual module units to be taken.
  • Orient yourself on the study schedule of your study programme for the respective semester
  • Do not choose modules that duplicate content that you have already taken at the HTW Dresden

You can complete your module plan with:

  • a language module in the language of instruction of the host university
  • Modules in soft skill areas

As in a semester at the HTW Dresden, you should have module units totalling 30 ECTScredits at the host university.

Examination and confirmation of the Learning Agreement

After the Programme Coordinator has confirmed your Learning Agreement, present it to the Examination Board along with the corresponding module descriptions. The Examination Board examines your Learning Agreement according to the criteria level, learning outcomes, workload and profile of your degree programme to determine whether the competences acquired abroad do not differ significantly from the learning objectives at the HTW Dresden.

Signature from the host university

If the Examination Board has confirmed your Learning Agreement, send it to the host university for their signature. The Learning Agreement, signed by three parties - you, the HTW Dresden and the host university - is intended to guarantee recognition upon your return from abroad.
The Learning Agreement can be sent by post or by e-mail.

Changes to the Learning Agreement at the beginning of the stay

If there are changes at the host university, because module units overlap or are not offered, you can change your Learning Agreement. The changes must be reconfirmed by your Programme Coordinator and the Examining Board as well as the host university no later than four weeks after your arrival at the host university. Please also send the amended Learning Agreement to the International Office. You can send the document both by mail and by e-mail.

Now you can take the chosen modules abroad and take the corresponding exams.

Recognition of examinations

At the end of your stay, you will receive a transcript of records from your host university, showing the modules and examinations you have taken there.

You submit this, together with the first and possibly second modified Learning Agreement, to the responsible Examination Board. If, contrary to the Learning Agreement, examinations are not recognised or if modules should be recognised as additional achievements, inform the Examination Board of this informally.

The Examination Board enters and confirms the pre-approved, recognised achievements and their corresponding marks in the last part of the Learning Agreement (after mobility).

Conversion of marks

Mark conversion takes place in the faculty. For this, you submit the necessary information about the foreign marking system to the Examination Board.
In the case of incomparable marking systems, the note "passed" will be recorded (and the marks will not be included in the further mark calculation). This is done in such a way that the ECTS credits of this module are included in the total number of ECTS credits.

Transfer to HIS POS / Marking on the certificate

Subsequently, your results from abroad are transferred to the HIS POS.
Internationally completed and recognised examinations will be appropriately marked on your certificate.


Please note that the process description P U15 - Recognition of Examinations is binding on the procedure.


Further information

If you would like further information about recognition procedures and guidelines for a good recognition process, we recommend the following addresses:


The nexus project of the German Rectors' Conference (HRK) promotes study visits abroad and has therefore set itself the task of creating quality standards for the recognition of study achievements. In this context, the project publishes important information and practical examples on its website regarding the recognition of study and examination achievements and also provides foundational publications.

The brochure "Mobility promotion through recognition facilitation" The International Office of the University of Leipzig also deals with good recognition practices of study and examination achievements. The HTW Dresden and other institutions have supported this project.

Last changed: 24.01.2019  |  Author: International Office of the HTW Dresden - University of Applied Sciences