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Erasmus+ combination study / internship (SMS)

The study visit takes place at an ERASMUS partner university of the HTW Dresden; The internship stays at the same university as the study visit or in a company under academic supervision of the ERASMUS partner university of the HTW Dresden

It is possible to combine study and internship as part of a single study abroad stay (SMS), provided that the following conditions are met:

  • The internship takes place under the supervision of the host university, where the student completes his study visit
  • the internship and the studies follow each other directly in chronological order

This combination of internship and studies is counted as an SMS period. Further information under Studies (SMS),

Academic recognition: see Studies (SMS)for study visits and Internship (SMP) for internships.

Last changed: 24.01.2019  |  Author: International Office of the HTW Dresden - University of Applied Sciences