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Erasmus+ Studies (SMS)

Programme content

  • 3 - 12 months at an Erasmus+ partner university of the HTW Dresden (if provided, including the internship)
  • In each study phase (diploma, bachelor's, master's, doctorate)
  • Per study phase, several Erasmus+ phases (study and internship) up to 12 months in total are possible.
  • Exemption from tuition fees at the host university 
  • Academic recognition at HTW Dresden of study achievements abroad, with the help of ECTS
  • Payment of a mobility grant
  • Subject-specific and administrative support at the home and the host university

Participation requirements

  • Completion of the first academic year
  • Enrolment at the HTW Dresden in full-time studies, which leads to a recognised degree
  • Study visit to an Erasmus+ partner university in the 28 EU member states + Turkey, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and FYR Macedonia (except Switzerland and own residence)
  • Existing inter-institutional Erasmus+ agreement with the partner university

The awarding of a mobility grant will be in accordance with the grant award procedure of the HTW Dresden. There is no legal entitlement to funding under the Erasmus+ programme and therefore can not be claimed against the university.

Application / Selection at the HTW Dresden

First, please select an Erasmus+ partner university of your faculty for your study visit according to your subject-specific and language skills, as well as your own personal wishes.

After a consultation with the patrner university coordinator (contact person for the desired partner university, which you can find in the overview of the partnerships), submit your application to the International Office for the following academic year (WS and SS) no later than 30 January .

(Attention: If exchange places are still available at the desired partner university, an application at a later time is quite possible. However, inclusion in the selection procedure of the faculty is therefore excluded.)

Please submit the following documents:

  • Application for a stay abroad 
  • Record of marks (from the QIS portal)
  • Proof of your language skills (self-assessment)
  • Letter of motivation (maximum one A4 page, in English or German)

The decision is based on:

  • Subject-specific achievements
  • Language skills
  • Study plans
  • Motivation
  • Crediting for the coursework after returning to the HTW Dresden
  • Extracurricular activities
  • In addition, faculty internal selection criteria may exist (please ask them for the person responsible for the Erasmus+ selection procedure of your faculty)

After you have been selected / confirmed by your faculty for a study visit to an Erasmus+ partner university, please ask the programme coordinator of your faculty or check the homepage of the partner university to find which additional "registration formalities" are required by the partner university.

Learning Agreement

Determine in coordination with your faculty which activities (e.g.,: attendance of courses and / or project work / internship / diploma thesis / bachelor's thesis / master's thesis) you would like to realise at the host university. You will receive support from the Departmental Coordinator or the ECTS Faculty Coordinators for the selection of courses at the host university or the definition of a project,

According to the requirements of the European Credit Transfer Systems - ECTS, list these activitiesin the Learning Agreementform. Information about the courses offered at the partner university can be found at your faculty or on the homepage of the partner university.

Please note: Changes to the agreed Learning Agreement must be recorded and approved no later than four weeks after the student's arrival at the host university by means of a modified Learning Agreement (second page of the Learning Agreement).

Application at the foreign host university

You now personally send your application documents to the partner universities. In addition, online registration is required at some partner universities. After the documents at the partner university have been examined, you will receive a confirmation from the host university (the final decision for your study stay is therefore at the host university).

Grant agreement

The Grant Agreement will be signed between the HTW Dresden and the student before the start of the stay abroad. It forms the contractual and financial basis of the stay abroad. The Grant Agreement contains, amongst other things, the duration of the eligibility period, the reporting requirements of the beneficiary, the planned Erasmus+ financial support, and the method of payment.

As soon as your Erasmus+ stay has been confirmed by the partner university, please come to the International Office of the HTW Dresden with the following application documents:

  • "Learning Agreement" (signed by the home university and host university)
  • Confirmation letter from the host university: "Admission Letter" or "Enrolment Certificate" (signed by the host university)

The above mentioned documents, as well as the completion and the signing of the Grant Agreement, are prerequisites for the receipt of your Erasmus + scholarship. All students will receive a copy of their funding agreement.

Note: The grant agreement is the basis for the payment of the mobility grant to Erasmus+ students. It is not a registration at the partner university.

Erasmus+ funding

An Erasmus+ mobility grant for study visits (SMS) may be granted for a study visit of 3 to 12 months within one academic year (period 1 July to 30 September of the following year) at an Erasmus+ partner university of the HTW Dresden.

The funding agreement sets the exact amount of funding per day. The grant amount differs according to country and is based on the different living costs. The funding rates are nationally determined as of WS 2018/19:

Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Island, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom
Group 2:
Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain
Group 3:
Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey

The Letter of Confirmation confirms the actual duration of your study abroad. The final amount of Erasmus+ funding is calculated from this.

There is not a legal entitlement to funding through the Erasmus programme and therefore can not be claimed against the University.

Matriculation and holiday semester

If you spend part of your studies abroad, you must remain enrolled at HTW Dresden. During this time you will retain your student status and the student health insurance. Depending on the course of study, it might be that you have to take a holiday semester. Please inform yourself at your Dean of Studies or in the Student Secretariat. However, a holiday semester may also be an advantage if it is not required. Please inform yourself at the examination and enrollment office. Please note that you have to unsubscribe from exams that you are supposed to have if you weren't abroad. Inform yourself on the homepage or in the examination office. You can request an exemption from the semester ticket at the student council.

Letter of Confirmation

At the end of the study visit (not more than 10 days before departure) please have your study visit to the host university confirmed on the form "Letter of Confirmation for student stay abroad (SMS)". The confirmation of the end of the stay abroad is replaceable by the Transcript of Records. The eligibility period of the Erasmus funding begins the first day the beneficiary is present at the academic host organisation. The end date is the last day a sponsored person must be present at the host institution for academic purposes.

Transcript of Records

After successful completion of the study visit, the host university will issue a "Transcript of Records" in accordance with the Learning Agreement.

Note: If a student does not bring home any credentials required in the Learning Agreement, the Erasmus+ Mobility Grant may be partially or wholly reclaimed.

Academic recognition

The home institution ensures you that by using ECTS the study achievements made abroad are credited towards the study achievements / study periods required to obtain the degree from the home university.

The study achievements can be recognised only if a clearly defined study programme has been agreed to, in writing, within a "Learning Agreement".

The academic recognition is granted after the successful completion of the mobility stay, and is based upon the "Transcript of Records" issued by the host university.

The crediting or recognition of your academic achievements may be withheld if you have failed to achieve the level of academic performance required by the host university, or have otherwise failed to meet the conditions required for recognition by the participating institutions.

Further information

Extension of the Erasmus+ stay

An extension of the current mobility period may be agreed under the following conditions:

  • The student applies (a simple e-mail is enough) at least one month before the originally planned end date, but best of all via the "request for extension" on page 3 of the Grant Agreement.
  • Modification of the "Learning Agreement" for the extension period 
  • Extension period immediately follows the ongoing stay
  • Individual mobility, including extensions, may not go beyond project duration
  • The extension may not result in exceeding the maximum funding period

Language Support Online / Online Linguistic Support (OLS)

Language Support Online (OLS) is part of the Erasmus+ Mobility programme agreed to with our partner universities to help students learn and improve their language skills. Language promotion online is divided into two components: a mandatory language test before and after the Erasmus+ Mobility, as well as an optional language course.


> OLS Language Test

With the exception of native speakers, Erasmus+ students have to pass two language tests. The first language test will be taken before the start of mobility and the second language test will be completed at the end of the mobility via an online portal. These compulsory language tests before and after mobility, serve to measure and document the development of language skills - they do not serve as a selection criterion for Erasmus+ funding.

OLS language tests are available for all 24 languages of the European Union (Bulgarian, Danish, German, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Greek, Irish Gaelic, Italian, Croatian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish , Slovenian, Slovak, Spanish, Czech or Hungarian). 


> OLS Language Course

The OLS language courses offer students the opportunity to improve their foreign language skills during their stay abroad. After the first language test, students who have achieved a language level from A1 to B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference will automatically be invited to a language course. Students who have proven a higher level of language proficiency can optionally take a language course in the national language or in the main language of instruction. 

You will receive the link to the compulsory language test and optional language course by e-mail after signing the Erasmus+ Grant Agreement.

Further information can be found on the page of the DAAD,

Experience Reports

You are required to complete and submit theEU Online Survey within 30 days of the end of your stay abroad. You will receive the login after your return. The HTW Dresden may require partial or full repayment of the financial support received from Erasmus+ EU funds from students who fail to complete and submit the EU Online Survey.


We also ask you to submit a report (photos are appreciated) of your stay abroad, so that as many future students as possible can benefit from your experience. With your consent, the report will be uploaded and password protected on the HTW "Testimonials" page, as well as deposited in our Info library in the International Office (room Z 231).

Insurance coverage

There is no insurance coverage associated with an Erasmus+ mobility grant. Students who are insured by law (AOK, Barmer, TK, ...) generally have basic insurance coverage for their stay in another EU country with the European Health Insurance Card. However, coverage by the European Health Insurance Card or private insurance may be inadequate, especially if a return transport or special medical interventions are needed. For such cases, a supplementary private insurance may be useful. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure adequate health insurance coverage abroad. Erasmus+ students, have the possibility to join the

Group insurance of the DAAD (combined health, accident and personal liability insurance).

Erasmus+ and BAföG

BAföG-eligible students can take advantage of BAföG for their Erasmus+ stay abroad. BAföG beneficiaries receive the same Erasmus+ grant as other students. Since 2011, the BAföG regulation stipulates that (EU) subsidies remain free of charge up to a maximum of 300, - EUR / month. Grants of more than 300, - EUR / month will count towards benefits from the BAföG.

Students with child

Students who take their child / children to an Erasmus+ partner university for an Erasmus+ study visit and are single parents during the Erasmus+ Mobility can receive special funds.

Regardless of the number of children, in addition to the stipulated monthly "regular" Erasmus+ funding per group of countries, an additional monthly allowance of 200 Euros per month can be granted as a lump sum for the duration of the stay.

In order to receive the grant for children, students apply at the HTW before starting their stay. The completed and signed by the student application form remains at the HTW.

The additional support is given as a grant, therefore, besides proof that the child / children are taken abroad (eg travel documents or on-the-spot checks), no evidence of the additional costs must be provided.

Support for students with disabilities

Students with disabilities may request, a subsidy be paid in excess of the EU maximum rate. Please inform yourself at the International Office. 

Erasmus Student Charter

Your duties and rights are in the Erasmus+ student charter which will be handed out to you prior to the start of your stay abroad.

Last changed: 13.03.2019  |  Author: International Office of the HTW Dresden - University of Applied Sciences