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Further education abroad

Further education with Erasmus+ (STT)


  • University staff, lecturer or research associate of HTW Dresden
  • Continuing education at a university, or other institutions and companies (e.g., during international weeks, language courses) 
  • in the 28 EU member states and Turkey, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and FYR Macedonia (except Switzerland and own residence)
  • existing bilateral Erasmus+ agreement between the host university and the HTW Dresden for the corresponding year

Because not all Erasmus+ partners have agreed to personnel mobility, it is recommended that interested staff contact the International Office concerning the choice of host universities, before applying.

Time period / Duration:

  • from 2 days to a maximum of 2 months duration

Funding rates of Erasmus+ (STT)

Mobility travel is subsidised by unit cost. The unit costs are calculated after the distance of the entire journey (round trip). The calculation is done with the help of the Distance Calculators of the EU COM. The calculated distance corresponds to the straight line of the simple distance.

One-way distance according to the Distance Calculator Amount (unit cost) per participant
<100 km not counted 100 - 499 km
500 - 1,999 km 275 EUR
2,000 - 2,999 km 360 EUR
3,000 - 3,999 km 530 EUR
4,000 - 7,999 km 820 EUR
>; 8,000 km 1,100 EUR

Accommodation expenses are calculated on the basis of daily rates.
The person's mobility programme must indicate that activities related to the mobility action have taken place on the days to be supported. A certificate issued by the host university / company at the end of the stay, listing the beginning and the end of the stay, and when appropriate, the number of hours, is crucial. No daily allowance will be paid for travel days. The funding rates are nationally determined:

Country of destination Unit cost per day per participant until the 14th day of the activity Unit cost per day per participant from the 15th until the 60th day of the activity
Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom 180 EUR 126 EUR
Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain 160 EUR 112 EUR
Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey 140 EUR 98 EUR

Where appropriate, special grants may be requested for university staff with special needs.

Insurance coverage

The mobility grant from this contract contains no insurance coverage. Neither the EU Commission nor the DAAD is liable for any damage resulting from illness, death, accident, injury to persons, loss or damage of property in connection with Erasmus + stays abroad.

Application procedure for Erasmus+ (STT)

Before the stay:

  • Request for mobility via the dean of the faculty or via the supervisor and submitted to the Erasmus+ university coordinator (note tender date / application under Downloads)

After approval of the application by the HTW Dresden:

After the stay:

  • Confirmation of stay
  • Online EU report (login after return)
Last changed: 24.01.2019  |  Author: International Office of the HTW Dresden