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Studying abroad

Study or a practical semester abroad is more or less a matter of course these days as part of an academic degree. Semesters or internships abroad can be applied for and undertaken in the context of the organisational and content-related framework of the study programme.

It is also possible to take up to two additional semesters as study or an internship in Germany or abroad.

Suitable training facilities, the coordination with the study programme and application for permission and financial support must generally be arranged more than a year in advance.

Studies abroad must be agreed in advance between the host university and HTW. They will be credited in accordance with the study regulations or documented as additional performance. Within Europe, the classification and recognition of study performance is generally based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

The EU supports the exchange of students and lecturers through its ERASMUS/SOKRATES programme. Within the framework of the SOKRATES exchange programme, students are not required to pay fees and financial support may also be available.

The Academic International Office of the HTW provides advice on study abroad, exchange and funding programmes and on the application process.

Last changed: 24.01.2019