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Young Scientists Group bioESens

The graduate qualification program on "Production, Characterisation and Application of Biobased Plastics in Electrical Engineering and Sensor Technology - bioESens" started on 07 August 2017 with a kick-off-meeting.

The project bioESens qualifies graduates of engineering studies in an interdisciplinary approach for usage, conception, development and recycling of products from biobased plastics for the applications as humidity and piezo sensor. The aim of the research group is to develop novel solutions for the use of biobased plastics in the field of sensor components, covering the entire value-added chain from biomaterial, material modification and processing, application in sensor technologies and functions to production technology, application testing, durability and environmental compatibility.
The young scientists do not only qualify themselves through their professional and interdisciplinary work, for example in the context of a PhD study. With continuing training in the areas of project management and social skills as well as first experience with their own teaching activities and interdisciplinary specialist knowledge, the engineers are creating good conditions for a professional career both in an industrial and institutional environment. At the same time, the project contributes to the transfer of current research results into practice, preferably for regional companies and institutions, opens up new fields of application for biobased plastics and enables an interdisciplinary further development of teaching and research in engineering courses.


The project is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) with around EUR 1.3 million and will run for three years. A special feature is the strong interdisciplinary approach between the faculties of Agriculture/Environment/Chemistry (Prof. Harre, Prof. Schmidtke), Electrical Engineering (Prof. Bauer) and Mechanical Engineering (Prof. Göbel, Prof. Naumann) under the project management of Prof. Harre.


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Participating Chairs


  • Applicability of Different Bio-based Polymers for Wiring Boards. C. Henning, A., Schmid, S. Hecht, K. Harre, R. Bauer, 2019. Periodica Polytechnica Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 63(1), S. 1-8.

Conference Presentations

  • Biopolymere als Materialien für Elektronik- und Sensoranwendung. D. Firzlaff, R. Zeumer, F. Nehm, H. Kleemann, K. Harre, Y. Joseph, K. Leo. 17. Kunststoffkolloquium 2019, poster, Schwarzheide, Deutschland
  • Additivierte Polymilchsäure als Leiterplattenmaterial für die Elektronik. A. Schmid, S. Hecht, C. Henning, D. Firzlaff, R. Bauer, K. Harre. 17. Kunststoffkolloquium 2019, talk, Schwarzheide, Deutschland
  • Fügen und Charakterisierung von Polymilchsäure-Metall-Mischverbindungen unter dem Gesichtspunkt der industriellen Anwendung und Produktion. P. Zink, G. Göbel, A. Klotzbach. WerkstoffWoche 2019, talk, Dresden, Deutschland
  • Biologische Abbaubarkeit und ökotoxikologische Bewertung biobasierter Kunststoffe. R. Zeumer, F. Pötzsch, A. Schmid, C. Henning, D. Jungmann, C. Dornack, K. Schmidtke. SETAC GLB Jahrestagung 2019, poster, Landau, Deutschland
  • Gelatin for Sensor Applications – A Bio-based Humidity Sensor. D. Firzlaff, H. Kettwig, R. Zeumer, P. Otto, K. Harre, G. Naumann, Y. Joseph. Bunsentagung 2019, poster, Jena, Deutschland
  • Electrical Properties of Biopolymers. H. Kettwig, D. Firzlaff, P. Otto, G. Naumann, K. Harre, Y. Joseph. ISSE 2019, poster, Breslau, Polen
  • Usability of Bio-based Polymers for PCB. C. Henning, A. Schmid, S. Hecht, C. Rückmar, K. Harre, R. Bauer. ISSE 2019, talk, Breslau, Polen
  • Influence of Additives on the Properties of Biopolymers. A. Schmid, S. Hecht, C. Henning, R. Bauer, K. Harre. Makromolekulares Kolloquium 2019, poster,Freiburg, Deutschland
  • Leaching Studies and Ecotoxicological Assessment of Bio-based Polymers. A. Eisenschmidt, S. Graumnitz, D. Jungmann. Umwelt 2018, poster, Münster, Deutschland
  • Biopolymers for Sensor and Electrical Applications. D. Firzlaff, H. Kettwig. ISSE 2018, talk, Zlatibor, Serbien
  • Comparison of Different Bio-based Polymers for Electronic Substrates. C. Henning, A. Schmid, S. Hecht, K. Harre, R. Bauer. ISSE 2018, poster, Zlatibor, Serbien
  • Leaching Studies and Ecotoxicological Assessment of Bio-based Polymers. A. Eisenschmidt, K. Schmidtke. Analytica2018, poster, München, Deutschland
  • Rheological Investigation of Collagen Suspension in Water. D. Firzlaff, A. Schmid, A. Staat, C. Großmann, E. Tobiasch, K. Harre. GDCh-Wissenschaftsforum Chemie 2017, poster, Berlin, Deutschland
  • Additivation Effects on Properties of Polylactic Acid Compounds. A. Schmid, A. Staat, D. Firzlaff, C. Großmann, R. Bauer, K. Harre. GDCh-Wissenschaftsforum Chemie 2017, poster, Berlin, Deutschland
  • Work in Progress: Ecotoxicological Assessment of Novel Bio-based Polymers. A. Eisenschmidt, K. Schmidtke. SETAC GLB Jahrestagung2017, poster, Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Deutschland
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