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... I can study ?!

Do you like working with plants? Want to deal with professional cultivation, the processing and marketing of plant products or the design of parks and gardens as an expert? Curious about a multifaceted study programme between natural sciences, economics and society?

Then study horticulture!

In many of our spheres of life, horticulture plays an essential role – from vegetarian nutrition to the design and maintenance of our parks and gardens. If you study with us, you will gain skills to allow you to get to grips with interesting challenges both now and in the future:

    • The production of high-quality foodstuffs in the face of the increasing living requirements of consumers and of a growing world population
    • The development of innovative, sustainable production processes for the efficient and resource-conserving use of land
    • Aesthetic design and improvement of the micro-climate in urban spaces
    • Use of modern processes in vegetation technology like roof greenery, vertical gardening

Alone the enormous diversity of plant cultures with which horticulture deals – decorative plants, woody plants, fruit, vegetables, etc. – promises a very varied study programme. Also the other, multifaceted themes in the natural sciences, technology, economy and the individual divisions of horticulture guarantee attractive qualifications as Bachelor and Master of Science!


Study information:  Horticulture, Bachelor  –  Horticultural Production, Master


Productive horticulture

This branch of horticulture concerns the propagation, cultivation, processing and marketing of high-quality plant products as foodstuffs or for use in landscape design.

In addition, the course deals with the following basic themes:

  • soil science and plant nutrition
  • phytomedicine
  • ecology and environmental protection
  • economics and business management
  • Greenhouse and agricultural engineering

Specialist courses are offered for the individual divisions:

  • Vegetable cultivation and greenhouse management
  • Fruit cultivation and viticulture
  • Decorative plant cultivation
  • Tree nursery
  • Medicinal and culinary plants

Horticultural service provision

In this branch, horticultural design skills are desirable, which can be applied in the various departments:

  • Garden, landscape and sports ground construction
  • Cemetery horticulture
  • Interior greenery and floristry
  • Planning and design of gardens, parks and landscapes

The following courses are specially aligned with these:

  • Surveying / CAD
  • Spatial design
  • Green space management
  • Cemetery horticulture
  • Urban garden and landscape gardening
  • Contracts and costing in garden and landscape horticulture
Last changed: 24.05.2019  |  Author: Volker Birth