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Business Administration

Students Faculty of Business Administration
08.03.2017 Study programmes


 Language of instruction: German/English
(Proof of German language proficiency level C1 required)

  • International Business, B.A., M.A.
    You are interested in the globalisation of the business world? You would like to take on tasks in international corporations? Other cultures inspire you? You also have a communicative nature and enjoylearning foreign languages? Then it's worth taking a look at our International Business study course.
  • Business Administration and Engineering, M.Eng.

    Companies are having to roll out products in ever shorter cycles in order to maintain their competitiveness. In this process, market activities, production as well as the technical development of a company all have to be simultaneously controlled systematically. Furthermore, the scarcity of resources in the areas of materials, personnel and energy necessitates a resource-conserving provision of goods and services. In order to operate successfully in this environment, in-depth knowledge in the area of cross-cutting functions and the management of interfaces are acquired in the study course.


Language of instruction: German

  • Business Administration, B.A.
    You are interested in how a business enterprise works and what challenges it faces in its day-to-day activities? You would like to know how different business units interact? You have a weakness for figures, product trends and finance? Then it's worth taking a look at our Business Administration study course.
  • Business Administration and Engineering, B.Eng.
    You are passionate about advanced technologies and their technical realisation? At the same time, you are interestedin the associated processes within a company, such as cost planning and marketing? Youwould like to understand how technology and economics mesh together? Then it's worth taking a look at our Business Administration and Engineering study course.
  • Management of small and mid-sized companies/family firms, M.A.
    The "Management of small and mid-sized companies/family firms" Master study programme has as its goal a training, which is characterised in equal measure by scientific requirements as well as practical application by means of close cooperation with the SME industry and economy. As part of the study, the existing basic knowledge from the most important disciplines in economic sciences is enhanced by particular knowledge relating to SME themes. The students address contiguous themes that are important in order to be able to take up a management position in an SME.
  • Human Resources Management, MBA
    German companies are increasingly suffering both from a skills shortage (lack of specialists) and a rise in the costs of personnel resources (high-wage country). In the 21st century, human resource (personnel) management therefore requires more than the mere "administration" of employees; effective and efficient strategies are needed in order to attract new employees into the company, develop them and maintain their loyalty, as well as reward them appropriately for their performance. Simultaneously, both new software technologies and globalisation are opening up opportunities for companies to organise work afresh.The practical specialist knowledge required for human resource management in the sense described above is only partially acquired in general business Bachelor and Master study programmes. For this reason, this Master has been designed as a part-time study course for those persons working in human resource management. In the first three study semesters, the students attend classes/lectures (held on selected Friday afternoons and Saturdays) and additionally complete a topic-specific project study each semester. The fourth study semester is dedicated to the Master thesis, this generally being written in close cooperation with the project study company of the student.