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03.03.2017 Study programmes


Language of instruction: German

  • Informatics, Dipl.-Inf. (FH), B.Sc.
    You are interested in electronic data and communications technology? You are fascinated how information can be bundled, transmitted and processed using numerical models? You enjoy solving complex mathematical tasks and are keen on developing creative, well thought-out software? Then it's worth taking a look at our informatics study course.
  • Media Informatics, Dipl.-Inf. (FH), B.Sc.
    You are fascinated by the possibilities available today to communicate and become informed using electronic media? You are keen on not only using ebooks, computer games or social networks but also understanding the principles underlying them? You are interested in how to program and design media applications? Then it's worth taking a look at our Media Informatics study course.

  • Business Informatics, Dipl.-Wirt.-Inf. (FH), B.Sc.
    You are interested both in information technologies and business contexts? You are fascinated by the increasing digitalisation of the economy? You are keen on developing efficient, user-friendly computer programs and apps for companies? Then it's worth taking a lookat our Business Informatics study course.
  • Applied Information Technology, M.Sc.

    The Applied Information Technologies Master study programme is offered in the Intelligent Information and Communication Technologies, Process-oriented Business Informatics and Computer Graphics and Media Technologies fields of study, starting from the 2011/12 winter semester. From a technical perspective, it builds consecutively on the Information Technology, Business Informatics and Media Informatics Bachelor study courses established at the HTW Dresden and provides both in-depth subject-specific knowledge and interdisciplinary qualifications for scientific work (taking into account electronic media), which are considered as soft skills in the life-long learning process.