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Spatial Information

Spatial Information

Spatial Information

01.03.2017 Study programmes


Language of instruction: German

  • Geomatics – Surveying/Cartography/Geoinformatics, B.Eng.
    You are passionate about virtual 3D worlds and geosocial networking, such as geocaching? You are interested in geo apps and their development – ranging from surveying data collection through to cartographic visualisation? You are curious about the underlying mathematical and technical relationships involved? Then it's worth taking a look at our Geomatics – Surveying/Cartography/ Geoinformatics study course.
  • Surveying, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) (distance learning programme)

  • Geoinformatics/Management, M.Eng.

    The Geoinformatics/Management study programme builds on the relevant geodata skills acquired in the preliminary study course. Many graduates, for example, from the fields of Surveying, Cartography, Spatial Information, Geography or Environmental Monitoring perceive the area of Geoinformatics as a perspective for further development due to the continuing good career prospects.