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Vice-Rectorat for Research and Development

Vice-Rector for Research and Development

Prof. Dr. agr. Knut Schmidtke

  • office Z 259
  • tel.:+49 (0)351 462-2114


Sonja Weickert

  • office Z 258
  • tel.:+49 (0)351 462-2113

Research Funding

EU Research Coordinator

(Horizon 2020)

Dr. Matthias Fuhrland

  • office Z 826
  • tel.: +49 (0)351 462-3928

Reseach Coordinator

(public funded projects)

Ingrid Illgen

  • office Z 260
  • tel.: +49 (0)351 462-3340

Research Coordinator

(public collaborative projects, research innovation fund)

Conrad Schmidt

  • office Z 260
  • tel.: +49 (0)351 462-3850

Transfer and Communication

Projektmanager Saxony5

Burkhard Adam

  • office A 619
  • tel.: +49 (0)351 462-3924

Coordinator Technology Transfer

(industrial co-operation, inventions and patents, fairs)

Matthias Bauch

  • office Z 826
  • tel.: +49 (0)351 462-2118

Research Coordinator

(research communication, PhD, postdoc)

Juliane Gehmlich

  • office Z 826
  • tel.: +49 (0)351 462-2042

Research Data Management

Coordinator Research Data Management

Elfi Hesse

  • office A 316
  • tel.: +49 (0)351 462-2067

Coordinator Research Data Management

Juliane Baier

  • office A 316
  • tel.: +49 (0)351 462-3839

Center for Applied Research and Technology e.V. (ZAFT)


Close cooperation with the ZAFT has proven successful in the research activities of the faculties. Interdisciplinary networking in cross-faculty projects leads to expanded possibilities for innovative solutions. Together with the university, ZAFT guarantees the professional processing and organisation of projects.

Research Institute Intelligent Interactive Technical Systems (FIITS)

The Research Institute Intelligent Interactive Technical Systems is a scientific institution at the Faculty of Computer Science/Mathematics, headed by an institute council. It bundles essential research focuses of the faculty and promotes the interdisciplinary scientific cooperation of the participating professorships. The qualification of young scientists within the framework of research and doctoral projects is a central concern. The research institute also ensures a sustainable research infrastructure at the faculty.

Research Institute Automotive Engineering (FiF)

Logo FiF

The Automotive Engineering Research Institute focuses on projects that focus on optimizing the combustion engine. Reducing pollutant emissions while simultaneously increasing efficiency is one of the most important development goals.

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