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Industry Check-In

Research and Development Collaborations, Consultancy Services

  • Do you need support in developing new products and processes or with introducing management processes and systems?
  • Are you searching for experts in studies and analysis?
  • Are you searching for partners for interdisciplinary research project?
  • Do you need scientific expertise as a basis for political decisions?

We would like to bring you together with matching experts of the HTW Dresden and disucuss the possibilities and aspects of collaboration - starting with student papers up to governmentally funded projects and contract R&D.

After the evaluation of your request we contact you promptly to coordinate the next steps.


The following questions should be answered shortly:

1. Relevant specialist area?

2. Focus of the cooperation (funded project or R&D service?

3. Starting position, problem definition?

4. Project goals?

5. Contact information and contact information?

Last changed: 20.03.2019  |  Author: Vice-Rectorat for Research and Development