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Inventions and Patents

An important factor in improving the technological competitiveness of companies is the economic application of research results. One possibility in this case is the utilisation of patents.
The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) and co-financing states support universities across Germany with the legal regulation and economic utilisation of innovative ideas resulting from publicly financed research via the 'SIGNO' programme.
'SachsenPatent' is working together with GWT-TUD GmbH's SächsischenPatentVerwertungsAgentur (Patent Utilisation Agency of Saxony) within the scope of this utilisation initiative to increase the number of inventions produced at universities and their utilisation.
Dresden University of Applied Sciences belongs to a group of four universities in Saxony, three technical universities, and two university-external research institutions that are members of the 'SachsenPatent' union.

IP management (Intellectual Property Management) is included as one of the Research Coordination/Knowledge and Technology Transfer centre's tasks. This concept includes:

  • inventor consultation
  • organisation of inventing, patenting, and utilisation activities
  • organisation of advanced training events
  • conception of tasks within the scope of 'SachsenPatent'
  • cooperation with GWT-TUD GmbH's Patent Utilisation Agency of Saxony during evaluation and utilisation procedures
  • support with founding of spin-offs based on patents, etc.

Legal Guidelines

Novellierung 2002
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Revision 2009
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Last changed: 18.03.2019  |  Author: I. Illgen