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Profils and Goals

Profil lines

HTW Dresden is actively engaged in research and development, especially in its four profile lines:

Mobil Systems and Mechatronics



Sustainable livelihoods




Business management and entrepreneurship

Goals of the research

The goal is the further development of areas of high-performance research, the acquisition of third-party funds, especially for the creation of additional employment positions, the expansion of the laboratory infrastructure, and the technical training of the university population.

These activities focus on issues connected to applied research in collaboration with mid-sized companies in Saxony. The spectrum covers the creation of appraisals, industrial consultation, participation in trade shows, organisation of conferences and congresses, and inventing, patenting, and applications work.

Top-performing graduates can promote within the Saxon model of a cooperative PhD.

Two research priorities

The HTW Dresden has selected two interdisciplinary research foci. These two focal points shall contribute to the profiling of the university and to the European orientation. They are therefore also called EU research priorities.
These are the following areas

  • Digital Systems
  • natural resources

Both areas are characterised by well above-average third-party funding, numerous international cooperations and a high level of interest in projects under the European Research Framework Plan Horizon 2020. They also fit in with the seven "societal challenges" in which, according to the EU, research and development can make significant contributions.

The HTW Dresden has developed an EU research strategy in order to be integrated more frequently into European research projects with the EU research priorities and to benefit more from the EU Research Framework Plan.

Last changed: 24.01.2019