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IT Service Centre

Welcome to the pages of the IT Service Centre

As a central institution of the HTW Dresden, the IT Service Centre is responsible for the entire IT communication infrastructure of the HTW Dresden, including the operation of its central servers and services.

As a service facility, the IT Service Centre also offers the faculties and facilities of the HTW Dresden additional services. In addition to coordinating the provision of software, this also includes conceptual and organisational support in the procurement of data processing systems.

Current information

Graphic for current information

Current information from the IT Service Centre is mostly announcements about maintenance time frames or changes in IT services and thus possibly short-term failures of certain IT services. >>read on here

Service overview

Graphic for the services overview

Please click on the image to get an overview of the services offered by the IT Service Centre. Here you will also find an assignment of the services to the user groups: students, staff and guests. >>read on here

Software procurement

Graphic for the software procurement

The IT Service Centre supports staff and students in the procurement of software. Please click on the picture to get to the overview pages with the framework contracts. >>read on here

Quick start for freshmen

Graphic to quick start for freshmen

Here, all necessary IT information for new students has been compiled into the relevant IT services of the IT Service Centre. This overview is particularly useful for first semester students to help them with a smooth start of their studies. >>read on here

Last changed: 15.07.2019  |  Author: IT Service Centre