Insurance cover/ Liability

Information on insurance cover/ liability in university sports

Students enjoy the accident protection of the statutory accident insurance for all official university sports events (with the exception of third-party events). Events advertised in the sports program or on posters, as well as events registered and managed by the teaching staff, student assistants or sports organizers commissioned by the university sports department, are considered official. This also includes competitions taking place within the framework of university sport, including travel to and from the university. University lecturers and employees are not insured when participating in university sport. Accident insurance exists only within the scope of the legally regulated company sports.

University sports guests are not insured by the university against sports accidents. Therefore, when participating in university sports, they cannot make any claims for damages against the Free State of Saxony, the HTW Dresden and its members as well as against sports teachers and student assistants. Guests are therefore advised to take out their own individual accident insurance cover.

The organizer is not liable for theft or damage to private property in the training facilities used by the university sport.


Sports Accidents

Athletes in the ambulance

Notification of sports accidents

Sports accidents must be reported immediately to the person responsible for university sports using the official accident report form. The accident report must be submitted to the Student Secretariat.