Students on the mountain bike

For all friends of two-wheeled sports, the university sports department offers a mountain bike course and currently also a racing bike course. These courses are suitable for both beginners and advanced riders, both men and women.


The meetings on the Mountainbike go into the closer Dresden surrounding countryside (Dresdner Heide, Freital Hainsberg or similar).


  • Exits up to 2 h, up to 500 km, road and terrain
  • Moderate speed - 22 km/h road, - 10 km/h uphill
  • Technical training (stairs, steep passages, drops

Helmet is mandatory for all rides!


Only a limited amount of material can be provided for the courses. First and foremost, the training takes place on our own wheels!

For students with physical disabilities, 2 e-mountain bikes are also available for the mountain bike course.

The meetings on the racing bike have the following scope:

  • Exits up to 2:30 h on asphalt roads with wavy profile
  • Moderate speed <30 km/h
  • Technical training (e.g. slipstream driving)

Helmet is mandatory for all rides!

Bike Cross

Students of the HTW Dresden can use the bike area on the Gutzkowstraße sports field free of charge. Just go to the opening hours, show your student card and have fun.

Please pay attention to the notices of the bike area and follow the rules of the site!


Tuesday - Saturday 2.00 - 7.00 pm Bike area Franklinstraße