Students at the pole


"Polefitness" or "pole acrobatics" describes a highly effective sport that combines fitness, yoga, gymnastics and dance movements with and around a vertical bar. This whole body training not only burns calories, strengthens physical structures and increases mobility. Polefitness also helps you to build up a good body tension and posture, unleashes sensuality and brings a lot of fun!

Polefitness is suitable for everyone. Gender, age, weight, resilience or physical condition do not play a role, because our courses are completely adapted to the individual requirements.

Running group

The running group offers you the opportunity to train your endurance together with like-minded people and to have fun in a group. A certain speed is not given, but it is an advantage if you already have running experience.

Monday 6.00 - 7.30 pm Students Meadow between Leneplatz and Gret-Palucca-Str.

Another goal could be the special preparation for an upcoming running event in which you want to support the running team of the HTW Dresden. The routes you complete are between 5 -10 km, primarily in the large garden. There is also the opportunity to stop your time over 5 km every Saturday in the Ostragehege via parkrun.