Key qualifications and foreign languages

Center for Interdisciplinary Education

We take care of the interdisciplinary education of our students in order to ensure their long-term employability.

For this purpose, we impart a variety of key labor market relevant key qualifications in curricular and extracurricular courses. In addition, we currently offer seven foreign languages, each with different levels and different subject orientations. To this end, we work together in a committed manner to make the best possible use of synergies between the divisions and to continually expand them.

In addition, we support other central facilities of the HTW Dresden in their work. These include, for example, the Career Service, the HTW Founding Forge, the International Office as well as the Vice Rectorate for Teaching and Studies. Through the purposeful integration as well as the continuous expansion and content-related further development of our interdisciplinary offers, we are the central contact for the long-term assurance of the employability of our graduates.