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Studying at HTW Dresden

Compact Profile



"Achieve more practically"​

The HTW Dresden – University of Applied Sciences is with 5000 students it the second-largest university in the capital of the state of Saxony. Engineering, economics, design, and 'green'​ disciplines constitute the four pillars that the 38 diploma, bachelor's, and master's degree programmes in civil engineering, electrical engineering, informatics, design, machine engineering, and business administration are based on. The HTW Dresden is a regionally and internationally well-connected university with a strong practise-oriented approach to studies and research. The unification of instruction and research as well as the transfer of knowledge from the results of current research are actively promoted. The research profile is application-oriented and interdisciplinary. The four profile lines cover our main areas of research: Mobility Systems and Mechatronics, Sustainable Natural Ressources, Information Systems, Corporate Management and Business Creation. Many research projects are linked to a cooperative doctorate.

Last changed: 09.04.2019  |  Author: Dezernat Studienangelegenheiten