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School student activities

>> More information about EXPERIENCE STUDYING


On 14.04.2018 We offer a “hands on” studying experience. Experience HTW life with our students and professors in what is very much a normal day.

When? 9:00am until 14.00pm

WHERE? Campus Friedrich-List-Platz 1 - for all study programmes and Campus Pillnitzer Platz 1 - for the study programmes offered by the Faculty for Agriculture/Environment/Chemistry: Agronomics, Horticulture, Environmental Monitoring and Production Management in Agronomics and Horticulture.

Photo: Students can watch experiments in the chemistry lab with fire

Experience chemistry

There are interesting offers available to pupils in the labs, seminar rooms and lecture halls. Enquiries will be processed by the appropriate contact.

All the information you need regarding studying is available under “Prospective students”.

Faculty Topics Grade
Department of Student Affairs How do I become a student at the HTW? - Presentation and Discussion Grade 12
Informatics/Mathematics Practical work and scientific annual work in the fields of Computer Science, Media Informatics, Business Informatics and Mathematics Grade 9-12
Events within the framework of the "Technology and school" working group founded with the Association of German Engineers (VDI) Upon request
Annual Girls' Day Grade 5 to 10
Mechanical Engineering Project Weeks MANOS Grade 7 and 8
Conrad Akkurace For pupils of the Saxon State High School Sankt Afra
Tour around the faculty Upon request
Civil Engineering Project weeks and laboratory work for grammar schools, BELL courses for grammar schools, student internships All grades
Electrical Engineering Project Weeks MANOS Grade 7 and 8
Higher secundary school (Gymnasium) student internship Grade 9 and 10
Scientific annual work Grade 11
Tour around the faculty Upon request
spec. Internships (subject area High Voltage Engineering and Electrostatics) Upon request
Agriculture/Envrionment/Chemistry Microscopy exercise plants Upon request
For scientific project work: Scientific work in the greenhouse Grade 11 (Higher secondary school)
Presentation of common methods of maturity testing in fruit. Guided tour of the HTW orchard (depending on the season) From grade 10 (Higher secondary school)
Organic farming (during the growing season on the trial field of the HTW) Upon request
Study programme Chemical Engineering Student Laboratory Day in Chemistry, BELL courses, practical courses in Chemistry Intermediate, Advanced Level
Lectures in Chemistry especially for pupils Preschool, 3, 4, 8 and 10 Class
Spatial Information School Student Internship, Technology Week: 12th February until 16th February 2018 Upon request, grade 9-12
Insight exercises, technical college students, grammar school students Grammar school students and apprentices
Lab visits Grammar school students and apprentices (Surveyors and Geomatics)
Practical guest lectures in the Laboratory for Photogrammetry BSZ Technik Dresden
Girls' Day on 26.04.2018, see also Girls'Day Girls in grades 5 to 10
Design BELL courses, Faculty tours Higher secondary school students
Session advice for prospective students Higher secondary school students


Phone: +49 351 462 2123

Mail: dekan@informatik.htw-dresden.de

Prof. Dr. Ing. Naumann

Phone: +49 351 462 2216

Mail: naumann@mw.htw-dresden.de

Mrs. Waldau

Phone: +49 351 462 2511

Prof. Kelber

Phone: +49 351 462 2313

Mail: kelber@et.htw-dresden.de


Prof. Jens Schönherr

Phone: +49 351 462 3060

Mail: schoenherr@htw-dresden.de


Prof. Tom Dimter

Phone: +49 351 462 2644

Mail: dimter@et.htw-dresden.de


Phone: +49 351 462 2761

Mail: dekanat.pillnitz@htw-dresden.de


Department of Chemical Engineering  

M.Sc. Carsten Großmann

Phone: +49 351 462 3767

Mail: grossma@htw-dresden.de

Prof. Wehmann/ Frau Wagner

Phone: +49 351 462 3149

Mail: a.wagner@htw-dresden.de


Dipl. Ing. Bettina Bruschke

Phone: +49 351 462 3169

Mail: bruschke@htw-dresden.de


Prof. Mathiebe, Dekanin

Phone: +49 351 462 2106

Mail: mathiebe@htw-dresden.de

Last changed: 16.08.2018  |  Author: Department of Student Affairs