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Application and network

Application documents

Application of the AIDA principle

Your application documents are your own recommendation letter and should therefore function as your personal advertising board. Specific information on the cover letter / CV can be found here. The Career Service provides support for the creation of individual application documents that are tailored to the respective company.

» Requirement criteria - Application documents (PDF | 190 KB)


Interesting articles:

Books and information material on application documents can be found here, for example:

  • Hesse/Schrader: The Hesse / Schrader application manual
  • Hesse/Schrader: The perfect application folder
  • Hofert: The guerrilla-style application. Unusual strategies for successful job hunting
  • ZeitCampus: The perfect cover letter

Multipliers and search channels

In the application process it is crucial to display market knowledge and to know how and where you can find and address companies. The overview below can help you in the application process to find interesting companies, identify relevant job boards and find multipliers etc ...

Useful job & internship exchanges

Job board of the HTW Dresden

The Career Service of the HTW Dresden University of Applied Sciences operates this website to provide information about job offers and dissertation work , in order to offer students and companies a chance to get in touch with each other.

You  can sign up after successfully confirming your registration By creating a search order, this will give you the appropriate job offers conveniently sent by email.

In addition, you can create your applicant profile. This profile is proposed to premium members whose job offers have the additional matching criteria and match the applicant’s profile.

>>> Be found instead of applying! <<<

Do you know the 3-5 job boards where you can find suitable job offers? Discover for yourself which job markets are the right ones for your job search (internship / thesis / career entry). The job market survey provided by Jobbörsen-Kompass gives a good overview here.

» Survey by Jobbörsen-Kompass


Personal contact

Personal contact often leads to achieving the goal faster than a written application. Therefore, consider who you know and who you can address in your personal environment. Many vacancies are awarded solely on the basis of recommendations. Benefit from your personal contacts, both in the private sector and from the numerous contacts at the HTW and in the Career Service. Here we would like to draw your attention to our events .

Social networks


In order to better define your future career goal, an internship in a company can be helpful. At universities, the practical semester (internship) is part of your primary studies and can give you some initial insight into the business world. You should be able to apply what you have learned in your study programme for the duration of the internship, as well as take responsibility for tasks.


When preparing for an internship, there are usually many questions to answer, such as:

  • Which internship should I choose?
  • Where and how do I look for an internship?
  • How do I apply for an internship?

At the beginning of your search, you should first think about

  • which professional goal (entry point) you wish to pursue / imagine

and finally decide

  • which area / department
  • which company (for example, corporation, large, medium or even small enterprises)
  • and which industry

 take you closer to your professional goal.


Furthermore, you should answer the following questions for yourself:

  • Are you ready to accept an unpaid  internship?
  • Are you tied locally or regionally for the duration of the internship?
  • Do you want to complete the internship abroad?

Only with precise ideas about duration, content and type of internship can you focus on the search.

International internship

Internship abroad

In order to simplify the search for internships abroad, data on former companies has been collected and processed.

The information is sorted by region. In addition to the company name and the Internet address, the period of the last known internship is also noted.


» Go to the list of internships


In addition to this, information about the benefits of the Career Service or personal contacts for many companies can be requested.

If you want to help us and provide data on your internship, please use our form.

More information on internships can be obtained from the Leonardo Office, the partner of the HTW International Office www.leo.tu-dresden.de

Financing options

Ever thought about a Germany scholarship ? The HTW recruits providers of support for you from industry, but a general overview of scholarships can also be found on the HTW sub-page.

On the webpages of the International Office of the HTW Dresden you will find a wealth of information about scholarships and similar options, including the following programmes for your semester abroad / internship:


Have you ever thought about a Germany scholarship (Deutschlandstipendium)? The HTW recruits providers of support for you from industry, but a general overview of scholarships can also be found on the HTW sub-page.

In addition, IAESTE offers scholarships and acts as an agent for practical placements in companies - IMPORTANT: Please consider the application deadlines.

Furthermore, the following institutions offer funding opportunities / support:

DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst)

AIESEC (fee-based) support in finding the right foreign company and establishing contact with them. More information available at:

» page.aiesec.de

Mystipendium.de also awards scholarships for semesters abroad and research stays

» Mystipendium.de 

Article from the publication Wirtschaftswoche
= »Scholarships that nobody knows - and which are nevertheless worthwhile

What companies expect from graduates

What do HR professionals expect from graduates?


We regularly offer the following workshops on the topic of the "application process":

  • Compiling application documents in a targeted manner (fundamentals) / next date 06.04.2016
  • Writing workshop (offering support when creating your own application / next date 11.04.2016
  • Salary negotiations / next date: 15.04.2016
  • Successful through the interview / next date: 03.05.2016
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