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Interview and salary


Congratulations on your successful application. The job interview is now about establishing the right personal impression. The flow of an interview serves as the primary source of support for both your orientation and preparation. We will also gladly prepare you for this situation in an individual discussion or workshop.

» Structure / flow of the interview


An increasing number of recruiters ask the candidates some "tricky" questions called "brain teasers", which is less about a correct result and more about the way in which the solution is found. More information available at: http://www.haufe.de/personal/hr-management/eignungsdiagnostik-mit-brainteasern-logik-und-kreativitaet-testen_80_126620.html


"Me Tarzan, you Jane!" - How do we actually communicate?

» An article on understanding human behaviour and body language

Preparing for questions concerning your salary in the job interview

The question of salary arises  in many recruitment procedures no later than in the job interview. Proper preparation is also crucial to success here. Know in advance what salary is common in the region, industry and location and prepare your arguments accordingly.


  • Application training: Achieving success during the job interview
  • Salary negotiations

DATES are available for viewing via the qualification programme and/or on the event calendar

Legal background / facts

From 01.01.2015 the minimum wage applies in Germany, but not for everyone!


For the internship:

  • Mandatory internships are excluded from the minimum wage scheme
  • as well as voluntary internships of up to three months

After graduation, the minimum wage then also applies in principle for interns!

The only exception: Interns want to gain their professional experience in a different profession than previously learned!

You can find important information about internships and minimum wages as well as general minimum wage information at LINK

The EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT - a book with seven seals? What must the employment contract contain and what can be left out?

Last changed: 14.08.2019