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Preparation and planning

Careers strategy

Those who know exactly what they want to achieve and where their strengths lie can work more effectively towards their goal. Success is not a random product, but rather the result of planned action. Coaching supports the development of a targeted strategy and thus the development of new opportunities, ways and possibilities.

Based on the analysis of your personal situation, we help you plan the process of career entry and facilitate the implementation of the individual steps. Together with you, we work out the answers to important questions about your future life and career planning, and provide tips for decision-making.

Career Strategy

Self-analysis and personality tests

In order that you know who you are, what you can do and where you want to go, you can, for  example, collect all relevant facts in the form of a mind map. The example given below can be a helpful structure.  Another possibility for raising awareness is taking part in personality tests. The competence analysis according to KODE® can be carried out free of charge during the consultation; further numerous free-of-charge personality tests can be found on the Internet.


Generating a self-portrait:

Who am I?

  • Which values / beliefs characterise me?

What can I do?   

  • Technical skills

     • What specialist knowledge do I have?
      • To what extent can I demonstrate this?

  • Personal skills / soft skills

    • What characterises me as a person?
    • How would my friends describe me?
    • What do other people like about me?




What goals do I pursue professionally / privately?

  • What does my family planning look like?
  • Where do I want to work and live?
  • How important is the social environment in the company?
  • What freedom and scope do I want?
  • How important are promotion opportunities for me?
  • Which framework conditions are important to me?
  • What am I willing to invest for?
  • At what level are my salary requirements realistic?
  • How long do I plan for the application process?
  • What compromises do I make? ... and under what conditions?

Competency analysis with KODE®

KODE® is the German abbreviation for Competency Diagnostics And Development (“Kompetenzdiagnostik und -entwicklung”). Behind it lies a comprehensive diagnostic, training and coaching system. The competency analysis can be applied to a specific career goal and is often the starting point for career planning, or it serves as a starting point in coaching.

The competency analysis is based on a competency self-assessment in the form of a  questionnaire.  The questionnaire serves to measure four different dimensions of competency: The personal competences, the social-communicative competences, the activity and action competences and the technical and methodical competencies.

Through their combination, conclusions can be drawn about 64 sub-competences, such as teamwork, personal responsibility or goal-oriented leadership. In addition, the system enables competency analysis under favourable / unfavorable conditions and thus makes clear how a person handles stress. Bridging the gap with entrepreneurial requirements analysis is managed by way of an individual evaluation discussion. The result represents the ACTUAL competency and must be aligned with the TARGET competency. In this way, it becomes visible whether and to what extent the person fulfils the requirements or whether there is a need for further development. TARGET competency refers to the competency requirements of a possible entry activity, for which reason the later career goal is a prerequisite for the analysis. The focus of the analysis is on competency development.

Last changed: 14.08.2019