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Career whispers

You want to write a thesis, or are in search of an internship or an entry-level job? Then get to know your potential future employer  right now. The Career Service invites companies to the University so that students can get to know them in an exclusive and informal atmosphere.

Through personal contact with these companies, you can also increase your chances of being hired for job offers that would otherwise not be advertised. Learn more about development opportunities, the working atmosphere, everyday working life or special social benefits provided by the company. Introduce yourself as a suitable employee with your application documents and a targeted set of questions.  The Career Service team will help you create your own application documents and give you tips for preparing for such discussions.

6. Karrieregeflüster - 25.04.2019

IDT Europe hat uns Studierenden einen großartigen und persönlichen Einblick in ihr Unternehmen und die tatsächliche Berufspraxis von Absolventen der Studienrichtung Elektrotechnik gegeben. Mit der Hilfe von sympathischen Betreuern durften wir uns mit spannenden und praxisnahen Aufgaben, wie sie im Unternehmen tagtäglich gelöst werden, beschäftigen. Das hat gleich eine neue Motivation für das Studium gegeben und die eigenen Interessen geschärft. Das Team war offen für wirklich alle Fragen, auch für die, die man bei einem Vorstellungsgespräch eigentlich nicht stellen kann. Bei der Gesprächsrunde zum Abendessen konnte man sich auch auf persönlicher Ebene kennenlernen. Insgesamt war der Abend ein wirklich angenehmes Networking-Event mit tollen Einstiegsmöglichkeiten in das Unternehmen. 
Gwyneth & Max, Studierende der Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik 

Fifth Career Whispers - 19.04.2016


Interested students of the Faculty of Computer Science or students who are considering a move into Computer Science were once again able to meet company representatives this evening. In addition to information on the company, there was also no shortage of fun: while constructing a tractor, students were challenged both in terms of their creativity and team spirit. All in all, it was a successful event. 


Felix, Masters in Applied Information Technology:

"Perfect company in Dresden for students of Business Informatics”

Fourth Career Whispers - 10.04.2014


Successful "Career Whispers" series in its eighth event, this time continued with T-Systems / Multimedia Solutions GmbH - on 10.04.2014 interested students from the Faculty of Computer Science were once again given deeper insight into the division of Application Managment and Cloud Services. Even at the welcome stage it was clear that, due to my activities online, I was already well known here. And it continued with the design of creative "WANTED" profiles, because every participant was urgently sought here, and “known” for his or her professional qualifications. And even the information content and the exciting stories from the day in the life of a systems architect were both new and interesting. So, unfortunately, the allotted time was over way too fast. In the end, however, everyone involved was in agreement that it had been a successful evening in which fun and information were had in equal measure.


Marco, fourth semester Business Informatics:

"Up close with an interesting company for computer scientists - perfect"


Pit, fourth semester Business Informatics:

"With fun from the very start through to the internship = this is what Career Whispers is all about"

Third Career Whispers - 23.-24.04.2013

Students from the study programme Computer Science, fourth and seventh  semester

  • Great event. Excellent contact in a “friendly" atmosphere

Second Career Whispers - 13.-15.11.2012

  • "A great way to get to know the  company better. I now have an idea about the future responsibilities to be found at Accenture. "
    student of Business Informatics,  third semester
  • "I really liked the very relaxed atmosphere  and the  pleasant discussions we had."
    Student of Business Informatics,  third semester
  • "For me, it was particularly interesting to get to know the progress of technology"
    Student of Business Informatics,  third semester
  • "I learned a lot about the nature of the company and the teamwork there. That was very positive. "
    Student of Business Informatics,  third semester
  • "A good way to get to know those hidden treasures among Saxony’s SME environment."
    Student of Business Administration,  third semester
  • "I have received a great deal of insight into agricultural engineering."
    Student of Electrical Engineering, completed degree programme

First Career Whispers - 02.-03.05.2012

What do participants take away with them?

  • Asking instead of just accepting / believing.
  • Confidence in finding a job that's fun too.
  • Lots of useful information on how the market will evolve.
  • Interviews and interesting insights into the company.
  • A view to the "outside".
  • Good mood, good food.
Last changed: 25.06.2019