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Careers Dinner

The "Careers Dinner" is aimed specifically at organisations / associations and their companies. In a relaxed atmosphere, they have the opportunity to get in touch with selected students. Students can relax at what is for them a free, 3-course dinner.

So what happens exactly?

Based on the idea of a "Rotating Dinner" there are, depending on the arrangement, tables with either 4 or 6 individuals, with 1-2 company representatives at each table, together with 3-4 students. Every individual now has the chance to exchange ideas for ½ - ¾ hour during dinner. Then the students switch tables. In this way , after 3-4 courses, everyone had established contact with each other.

Where and when does it take place?

We want to give students the chance to test some other form of company contact while on familiar terrain, and as close to the University as possible.  For this reason, the "Cafeteria Listig" at the HTW Dresden is looking forward to its next visit.  When opening hours have passed (at roughly 17:30), the student union catering service will spoil  students and companies alike with a 3-4 course buffet.


The Career Service at the HTW ...

... recommends this event especially to associations or company interest groups. From the point of view of the Career Service, this could combine three things:

- An advertisement for potential future members of the organisation or association among the HTW students

- The expansion of the service offering for existing members

- The specific support of member companies in their search for skilled workers in  Dresden / Saxony


... takes over responsibility for the

-  announcement of the event to students

-  the organisation of the event

Last changed: 24.01.2019