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Job Board

On our Job Board companies can post and maintain free job offers.

In addition, we also advertise all offers on our bulletin board.

You can also automatically export your vacancies with us to the Job Board of the Federal Employment Agency.

Students who enquire about job offers in the respective department during the consultation sessions will be referred to the appropriate job offers.

The Career Service is always available to answer your questions and assist with job postings.

Premium functions on the Job Board

To increase the visibility of your job ads on the Job Board, you can make use of additional paid premium features.

  • Premium membership for one year
    Your company logo will appear in the search results and on the details page of your job listings. It will raise awareness of your job offer and the profile of your company.
  • Premium function - Top Ranking (P1)
    Your job offer will be displayed according to the search criteria above the other search results and will be considered first.
  • Premium function - Top Ranking + Home (P2)
    Your job offer will appear exclusively above the search results with a maximum of 4 additional job offers on the homepage of the Job Board, and will therefore receive maximum attention.

For more information about Premium functions, please consult the Index of Services as well as the Terms of Use.

Outlook: new service

  • View of anonymised student profiles (free of charge)
  • Contact mediation between selected students (profile) and companies (fee-based)
Last changed: 24.01.2019