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Term Explenation
Ausbildungsförderung (BAföG) Apply in advance at the Studentenwerk Dresden - Amt für Ausbildungsförderung, 01069 Dresden, Fritz-Löffler-Str. 18. Please attach and/or later submit a certificate of matriculation. (Only applies to German nationals or international applicants with an official "refugee status"!)
Application Signed online printout with the corresponding attachments. Application cut-off winter semester: 31 May (if you have attained your university entrance qualification before 16.01 in the year in which you begin studying) respectively 15 July summer semester: 15 January - for senior semesters and Master applications only The final date 15 July must be complied with as the cut-off date for study programmes with a selection process! Applications will also be accepted later for study programmes where places are still available - up until the limitation of admission has been reached.
Bachelor degree The Bachelor is the first degree qualification qualifying candidates for a profession with a standard study period of 3 to 4 years. For the majority of students it amounts to an entry into a profession. Thereafter, there is the possibility of commencing with a Master study programme which builds on, expands and hones existing knowledge.
Exceptional hardship Exceptional hardship is deemed to exist if, with regard to the personal circumstances of the applicant, particular health-related or social reasons necessitate the immediate commencement of studies. Submit application with corresponding verifications. (Only applies to undergraduate studies)
Health Insurance Verification of insurance with a statutory insurance provider and/or private insurance verification of exemption from statutory health insurance, must be submitted upon accepting a place of study.
Suitability test Determining the suitability for studying in the study programme "Product Design". Please note the registration deadline (1st June).
Rejected matriculation Pursuant to Section 18 part 2 of the SächsHSFG matriculation is to be rejected if 1. the candidate does not fulfil the admission requirements for studying pursuant to Section 17 of the SächsHSFG (cf . university entrance qualification [HZB]), 2. the study programme is subject to admission restrictions and the applicant is not admitted, 3. the candidate does not verify that he or she has health insurance, or that he or she is exempt from health insurance, 4. the candidate does not verify fulfilment of the statutory obligation relating to the payment of fees or contributions in relation to the matriculation process, 5. the candidate is already matriculated at a German university and a parallel study programme does not fulfil the purpose of the study objective, 6. the candidate has not passed an examination needed to qualify for the selected study programme on the final attempt, 7. the candidate has not submitted proof of academic performance as stipulated in the examination regulations within four semesters, in the chosen study programme or a study programme of similar subject orientation at a German university, 8. has already passed the final examination of the study programme.
Undergraduate study programmes Our undergraduate study programmes end with the academic degree Bachelor or Diplom.
University entrance qualification (Hochschulzugangsbererchtigung) Subject-specific higher education entrance qualification (i.e. Deutsches Abitur)
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