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Application for a senior semester (lateral entrant)

Students in conversation

The start of studies in a senior semester in our Bachelor, Diploma and Master study programmes is possible in both the winter and summer semesters. The study programme offer for the WS and the SS can be found here. An overview of the application process schedule can be found in our schedule for student applicants.


This information is relevant for student applicants with a German university entrance qualification only! Student applicants with an international entrance qualification must follow our application instructions for "International prospective students (degree students)".

Access to a study programme in a senior semester requires verification of a university entrance qualification as well as recognisable study and examination grades for the semester of application.

The responsible examination committee shall decide on the basis of examination regulations relating to the affected study programme as to whether previous grades can be recognised. The binding assessment of recognising previous results is undertaken as part of the study programme application. Preliminary disclosures can be obtained upon request from the general student advisory service and the faculty's specialist advisory service.

If you wish to continue your previous study programme with us (as a rule with the same degree qualification) the previously completed semesters and examination attempts will be officially recognised.

Further subject-specific admission requirements for Master study programmes are determined by the respective study regulations.

Please note that we may not be able to consider your application under certain circumstances if you

  • have failed to pass an examination on the final attempt which is necessary for the selected study programme or
  • you have failed to supply a record of performance in the selected study programme or a study programme with a similar subject area at a German university within four semesters which is stipulated in the examination regulations.

Submit your application quickly and easily using the online portal from 1 May onwards for a study programme starting in the winter semester WS (1 September) and from 1 December for a study programme starting in the summer semester SS (1 March). For the Online application the

  • electronic entry of your application data and
  • the uploading of a passport photo is sufficient.

For this reason please always follow the steps exactly, enter your information truthfully using the online form and carefully check your entries. Incorrect or incomplete information can subsequently lead to your exclusion from the process. Once completed please send your application electronically by mouse click to the HTW Dresden.

In addition, a signed admission application and certain verifications must be submitted in single copy. We will inform you in detail during the online application as to which documentation we require. All application documentation required as necessary at a glance:

  • Admission application
  • University entrance qualification
  • Certificate(s) of ex-matriculation from all German universities and universities of applied science where you were matriculated.
  • Intermediate diploma
  • Overview of all study / examination grades stating the number of attempts, verified by the examination office of your previous university / universities; this shall also apply if you have not yet achieved any grades.
  • Module or subject area descriptions relating to failed final attempts for study and examination grades

Please note that your application will be opened by machine. For this reason please do not use transparent pockets, folders, staples or paperclips. Your application will only be processed after its receipt by post. The processing status of your application can be followed at any time with both transparency and ease via your personal portal access.

Application deadlines

  • 1 May until 15 July for study programmes starting in the WS
  • 1 December until 15 January for study programmes starting in the SS

Prior applications: If you have previously applied to the HTW Dresden WS or were previously a student at our university, you will be unable to access previously submitted documentation in the new application process.

International student applicants (including for first semester)

International student applicants with a foreign university entrance qualification should submit their application to the Application Services Centre (Arbeits- und Servicestelle) for international student applications uni-assist e.V. Further information can be found here.

Studying at the HTW Dresden stipulates admission for every study programme, which is issued subsequent to a successful electronic application via the online portal. Our study programmes are, however, in part limited in terms of admissions. In other words, there is only a limited number of places available. Admission to a senior semester can therefore only take place when the semester in question in the respective study programme has free places available.

Excepting a place: You must except your place within a deadline of two weeks after being awarded admission. For this purpose, please print out the declaration of acceptance form provided in your personal portal, and submit this together with any necessary verifications as required.

The student union The student union is available to students with regard to any financial, social and cultural matters, and is also your contact partner for these concerns:

  • The application for federal student financial aid (BAföG) (Bundesausbildungsförderung [BAföG]) - should be submitted in time, preferably two months before beginning your studies, using the official application form.
  • Should you require a place of student residence, you should contact the coordinator responsible for organising your place of student residence immediately after receiving your confirmation of admission.

Requests and requirements for student financial aid (BAföG) applications and places of residence should only be addressed to the student union for Dresden.

Last changed: 03.05.2019  |  Author: Department of Student Affairs