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Application for the first semester for bachelor and diploma study programmes

Students standing in front of the Transparent Factory in Dresden


Commencing studies in the first semester in our undergraduate study programmes is only possible in the winter semester. You may only apply for these study programmes as a lateral entrant into a higher semester, when looking to start in the summer semester. For information on which undergraduate study programmes you can apply for, please click here.

An overview of the application process schedule can be found in our schedule for student applicants.


This information is relevant for student applicants with a German university entrance qualification only! Student applicants with an international entrance qualification must follow our application instructions for "International prospective students (degree students)".

The requirement for commencing with an undergraduate study programme at a university is always the verification of a university entrance qualification (HZB). The university entrance qualification (HZB) includes:

  1. School leaver certificates pursuant to Section 17 Para 2 of the SächsHSFG

    • A’ level certificates: permits studying at all universities
    • Subject-specific higher education entrance qualification: permits studying at all universities for the corresponding subject area
    • Advanced technical college certificate: permits studying at universities of applied science

  2. Qualifications relating to vocational advanced further training pursuant to Section 17 Para 3 of the SächsHSFG
    Together with a mandatory consultation with our university these qualifications permit candidates to study at the HTW Dresden:

    • Master’s certificate
    • Further education qualification pursuant to Section 53 of the Vocational Training Act (BBiG) or pursuant to Section 42 of the Crafts Code (Handwerksordnung).
    • State issued certificate of competency for nautical or technical maritime service
    • Technical college qualifications (e.g. technicians) - pursuant to the decree by the Conference of Education Ministers (KMK) in the version dated 03.03.2010
    • Further education regulations applicable to professions within healthcare as well as within the area of social care and social-educational professions

  3. Further education qualifications pursuant to Section 17 Para 4 of the SächsHSFG

    • Qualifications issued by state administrative and commercial academies, or other professional further education qualifications
    • if they are recognised by the university as being of equal value

  4. Professionally qualified candidates pursuant to Section 17 Para 5 of the SächsHSFG
    If you have trained in a profession you can receive a subject-specific university entrance qualification under the following conditions:

    • min. two years of state regulated professional apprenticeship,
    • min. three years of professional experience in the profession you trained for,
    • mandatory consultation session with our university
    • university entrance exam (cf. university entrance exam regulations)

Consultation session: Appointments for the mandatory consultation session stipulated by Points 2. and 4. can be granted upon request by the HTW Dresden at the student Secretariat up until the end of the application time period on 15 July. You may also book your consultation as part of a visit to the HTW Dresden on the open day in January or April.

University entrance exam: The registration deadline for the university entrance exam stipulated under Point 4. ends on 15 January.

Federal state limitation: In the Federal Republic of Germany education is first and foremost a matter of the individual federal states. For this reason a school qualification is initially only valid in the state in which it was attained. By and large, however, the federal states recognise the school qualifications of other federal states. There are, however, limitations in recognising advanced technical college certificates in Saxony and Bavaria. An advanced technical college certificate is not recognised in Saxony as a university entrance qualification if

  • the academic portion of the advanced technical college certificate was attained at Sixth Form level. The same applies to the attainment of advanced technical college certificates from Waldorf schools with a Sixth Form, evening schools and vocational colleges.

Should you have any questions regarding the recognition of your school certificate in Saxony, please get in touch with us before submitting your application.

International university entrance qualifications: German applicants in possession of an  international education qualification and not a German university entrance qualification can have this recognised as a university entrance qualification in Germany. Please submit your application for recognition to the:

Sächsische Bildungsagentur
Regionalstelle Dresden
Postfach 230 120

Registering for your studies is quick and easy via our online portal. When submitting your application, as a rule

  • the electronic entry of your application data and
  • the uploading of a passport photo is sufficient.

Only in exceptional circumstances such as preliminary studies, second degrees, applications pertaining to cases of hardship, access arrangements, preliminary admission etc. must a signed admission application and certain verifications be submitted in single copy. We will inform you during your online application as to which documentation we require as necessary. For this reason please always follow the steps exactly, enter your information truthfully using the online form and carefully check your entries. Incorrect or incomplete information can subsequently lead to your exclusion from the process. Once completed please send your application electronically by mouse click to the HTW Dresden. You can follow the processing status of your application at any time with both transparency and ease via your personal portal access.

Prior applications: Please submit the necessary application documentation separately for every application. Documentation from previous applications cannot be accessed.

Application deadlines Applications which are received after the end of the following application time periods can only be taken into consideration when there are places still available for the respective study programme.

  • 1 May until 15 July for studies commencing from the winter semester
  • 1 December until 15 January for studies commencing from the summer semester

Suitability test: In certain study programmes access to studying depends on the successful completion of a suitability test. At the HTW Dresden such a suitability test is conducted in the following undergraduate study programmes:

  • Bachelor Product Design

Please register for the respective test by the 1 June using the form below.

Switching study programmes: If you terminate your own study programme at another German university and apply to our university for the same study programme with the same degree, within the meaning of Section 34 Para 1 No. 9 of the SächsHSFG the previous study times as well as study and examination results will be recognised. You will then be matriculated into the next highest semester.
Failure to pass an exam on a final attempt in a previous study programme means that you cannot be admitted to a similar study programme. In such a case, you may only be considered for a study programme, the completion of which does not depend on the module or subject you failed upon the last attempt.
The decision as to whether study programmes are identical and/or similar in terms of subject content is decided by the examination committee by considering the content and subject-specific characteristics.

Studying at the HTW Dresden stipulates admission for every study programme, which is issued subsequent to a successful electronic application via the online portal.

Part of our study programme offer is, however, limited in terms of admission. In other words, for certain study programmes there is only a limited number of places available. These places are allocated directly at the HTW Dresden as part of a selection process.

During the selection process and after the deduction of places for applicants with the right of admission following National Service, as well as international student applicants (non-EU and international students with a German university entrance qualification), applicants for post-graduate studies and cases of hardship, the remaining places are allocated as follows:

  • Waiting time: Number of six-month periods subsequent to receiving the university entrance qualification less study semesters at German universities
  • Academic performance: Average grade of the university entrance qualification
  • University-internal selection criteria (cf. Appendix 2 of the Selection Ordinance of the HTW Dresden University of Applied Sciences)

Further information regarding university-internal selection processes, and for the purposes of improving the chances of selection by bonuses, can be found here.

If the number of places per study programme is insufficient, selection limits are determined subsequent to the completion of the selection process, the so-called local Numerus Clausus. An overview of the selection limits of the previous year can be found here.


Excepting a place, matriculation: You must except your place within a deadline of two weeks (unless otherwise stated in the confirmation of admission) after being awarded admission. To do so, go to your personal portal and print out the declaration of acceptance/application provided for matriculation and submit this together with any necessary verifications as required.


Early admissions: Should you have already been awarded an admission (early admission) from the HTW Dresden and are unable to commence with your studies due to the rendering of civilian or military National Service, you may be granted preferential admission within two application time periods. This means that you are able to commence with your studies subsequent to rendering civilian or military National Service, for which you have been awarded admission. Please submit your application once again for this winter semester online, and attach to your documentation a copy of the confirmation of admission. National Service includes:

  • voluntary federal civil service, military service, civilian national service, development service, a voluntary social or voluntary ecological gap year, European voluntary service, support programme “Weltwärts” Initiative (straightforward copy of service time confirmation required),
  • The full-time supervision of, or care for your own child under the age of 18 or a relative in need of care up to a duration of three years (doctor’s certificate in case of care, birth certificate as well as official verification regarding the claim submitted for maternity and/or parental leave required).

Post-graduate applicants: 3% of places are allocated to student applicants who have already successfully completed a degree in another study programme at a German university. The order is determined by an index number which is calculated from the result of the final examination of the undergraduate study programme, and the significance of the reasons for the second degree. Pursuant to Section 12 Para 4 of the SächsHSFG tuition fees are charged if

  • the studies lead to an additional university degree and professional qualification, and are not a master study programme on the basis of a bachelor study programme and
  • the total study duration of the study programme exceeds the standard study period of the studies to date by six semesters.

A fee is charged on the basis of a notification of charges and stands at €300.00 per semester. This can be waived if particularly challenging social and financial circumstances can be proven. If you have completed your first study programme with a bachelor degree, no tuition fees will be charged for a further bachelor degree course.

When granting the limited number of places during the selection process, certain additional circumstances will be taken into consideration in your favour, insofar as these actually apply to you and can be verified. Before submitting a special application you should critically assess whether your application has a chance of success. Only those reasons which lead to a significant impairment on your part can be recognised as a "special case" when issuing study places. For this reason, please ensure that your justification is carefully defined. Special applications require you to also submit your application in written form, accompanied by the necessary verifications. Conversely, special applications are not taken into consideration when applying for a second degree.

1.    Case of hardship      

2% of places are issued on a preliminary basis for cases of exceptional hardship. An application based on a case of hardship is to be justified and documented with doctors’ certificates, official assessments or other documentation suitable for the purpose of verification. An exceptional case of hardship is deemed to exist when there is evidence of particular social, family-related or critical health impairment, which necessitate the immediate commencement of studies.


2.       Access arrangements

Applications pertaining to access arrangements can on the one hand lead to an improvement in the average grade of the university entrance qualification. Reasons taken into consideration include particular personal reasons not attributable to you, which have had a disadvantageous effect on the average grade of the university entrance qualification. The application is to be supported by doctor’s certificates, verifications of academic performance in the form of school certificates, school appraisals, official assessments or other documentation suitable for the purposes of verification.

On the other hand, applications for access arrangements can have a more favourable effect on waiting times. Those reasons taken into consideration include particular personal reasons not attributable to you (e.g. illness, change of school) which have had a disadvantageous effect on the waiting time. An application is to be supported with doctor’s certificates, official assessments or other documentation suitable for the purpose of verification.

Further information and rule examples of special applications can be found here.

The student union is available to students with regard to any financial, social and cultural matters, and is also one of your contact partners for these concerns:

  • The application for federal student financial aid (BAföG) (Bundesausbildungsförderung [BAföG]) - should be submitted in time, preferably two months before beginning your studies, using the official application form.
  • Should you require a place of student residence, you should contact the coordinator responsible for organising your place of student residence immediately after receiving your confirmation of admission.

Requests and requirements for student financial aid (BAföG) applications and places of residence should only be addressed to the student union for Dresden.

Last changed: 18.07.2019  |  Author: Department of Student Affairs